There are many opportunities for engagement with the Institute’s affairs and initiatives ranging from leadership roles to committee participation. Learn more about active committees, current initiatives, and how to get involved, below.

College of Fellows

The College of Fellows seeks to stimulate a sharing of interests among Fellows, promote the purposes of the Institute, advance the profession of Façade design, mentor young Façade creators, and be of ever-increasing service to the Institute.

Board of Directors

The affairs of the Institute are governed by its Board of Directors. Board membership is an elected position, with new members elected annually by the sitting board as board seats become open. An open nomination process is extended to FTI membership when board seats are being considered.

Advocacy & Policy

The Advocacy Committee was founded in recognition of the necessity to engage the Institute in policy and legislative initiatives as a strategy to further the mission of accelerating a transformation to sustainable buildings and urban habitat.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity (DEI)

The Diversity Committee supports activities to enhance diversity in the Façade Tectonics Institute supporting our core values of social justice, service, and integrity.

Education & Training

The education committee is a key group of the Institute charged with developing and implementing educational programs with the aim of advancing the art, science and technology of the building skin, as a means to catalyze transformation to truly resilient and sustainable buildings and urban habitat.

Marketing & Media

The Marketing Committee is responsible for determining and implementing comprehensive marketing strategy in support of the Institute’s mission and goals. This ranges from events to educational programs and research initiatives as part of an overall organizational strategy.

Membership & Outreach

As a member organization accepting both individual and corporate members, recruitment and retention is a vital interest of the Institute. The expectation is for all FTI members to contribute to this effort, but the committee is responsible for encouraging, coordinating and amplifying these efforts.


Research, like education, is a core mission of the Institute. As a strongly collaborative organization, the Institute is keen on fostering collaborative research that pools industry resources as a strategy to amplify results and impact.

Scientific, Artistic & Technical Review

This is the peer review committee generally engaged under a blind process. The committee is comprised of approximately 300 individuals from a broad range of academia and practice. Participation in this committee typically involves the review of two to three papers for the biennial World Congress.

Special Advisory Council

The SAC provides guidance and support to the Board of Directors on strategic Institute issues and initiatives; represents the Institute in the marketplace and academia; implements ad hoc subcommittees to advance the Institute’s mission; and helps build the Institute and increase membership.

Strategy & Planning

Strategic planning is an active, dynamic and ongoing process at the Institute. The Strategy & Planning committee spearheads this effort, which involves all Institute committees and groups in the planning process.

Vitruvian Honors & Awards

The FTI Awards Program is intended to raise the profile of the Institute and be a vehicle to recognize publicize outstanding achievements in the field of building facades for the benefit of the public.