Membership & Outreach

As a member organization accepting both individual and organizational members, membership recruitment and retention is a vital interest of the Institute. The expectation is for all FTI members to contribute to this effort, but the committee is responsible for encouraging, coordinating and amplifying these efforts. The Membership & Outreach committee is also charged with engaging membership, creating and protecting membership value and advocating on behalf of the Institute’s membership. Discovering ways to deepen the engagement with ownership and to ramp up the value of membership are a strong current focus, as is growing membership. The committee is currently planning a new membership campaign and is welcoming expressions of interest to join this effort.

Committee Members

Photo of Roger Fricke

Roger Fricke

Vice President

Photo of Matt Staublin

Matt Staublin

Director - California

Photo of Helen Sanders

Helen Sanders

General Manager, Technoform North America

Photo of Joe Conover

Joe Conover

Vice President, Clark Construction Group

Photo of Jon Kimberlain

Jon Kimberlain

TS&D Scientist, Dow

Photo of Raditia Lasry

Raditia Lasry

Facade Tectonics Institute

Photo of Dahmahlee Lawrence

Dahmahlee Lawrence

Project Architect; Associate, Perkins&Will

Photo of Becher Neme

Becher Neme

Principal, Neme Design Studio

Photo of Mahmoud Othman

Mahmoud Othman

Quality Manager

Photo of Mic Patterson

Mic Patterson

Ambassador of Innovation & Collaboration, Facade Tectonics Institute

Photo of Bryan Toton

Bryan Toton

Chief Executive Officer

Photo of Stephan Wurster

Stephan Wurster

Architect, Business Development Manager


Katherine Miller

The Hilton Foundation


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Applications to this committee are considered by the committee members on a case-by-case basis.

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