Special Advisory Council

The Special Advisory Council (SAC) provides guidance and support to the Board of Directors on strategic Institute issues and initiatives; represents the Institute in the marketplace and academia; implements ad hoc subcommittees to advance the Institute’s mission; and helps build the Institute and increase membership. The SAC is comprised of approx. 25 individuals representing the demographics of discipline and geography that comprise the Institute’s membership, and reflects the international mission, multidisciplinary diversity, and inclusionary practices of the Institute. The committee chairs organize and oversee the Council, manage communications, chair meetings, represent the FTI board of directors in SAC activities, and report to the board of directors regarding these SAC activities. The chairs define the qualifications and responsibilities of SAC members, and recruit and recommend individuals to the Board of Directors for review and approval. Council members serve a two-year term renewable at the discretion of the SAC Chair and the Board of Directors. SAC members are very active in Institute committees, initiatives, events and programs.

Want to get involved?

The inaugural group of SAC members was just recently seated. Openings in the SAC will be filled on an annual basis or as deemed appropriate by the committee chairs, with appointees approved by the board of directors. Expressions of interest are always welcome.

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