Why Join?

Simple answer: because it’s the right thing to do!

The Facade Tectonics Institute (FTI) is committed to the fight to move buildings and urban habitat toward widely embraced health, resilience and sustainability goals that will make the world a better place and secure a place to thrive for future generations of humanity. We believe the facade system is the lynchpin to achieving these goals in the built environment. While collectively building industry practices continue to challenge society, the economy and the environment, the Institute provides a platform where our collective financial and human resources will be put to optimal use in overcoming these challenges. To paraphrase John F. Kennedy: Ask not what FTI can do for you, but what you can do to help FTI realize these vital goals.

Nonetheless, we are committed to providing individuals and organizations optimal value for their participation as members. Benefits include:

  • Education: Building facade technology and application is the most exciting field in the building arts and sciences today, and FTI leads the industry in research and knowledge-sharing. Our events and publications are designed to inform, educate and inspire.
  • Research: Your contribution of human and financial resources enables us to promote, catalyze and foster collaborative research that benefits our membership as well as the entire building industry.
  • Influence & Engagement: Membership brings your voice to the broad-based initiatives the Institute manages as a research and education organization. FTI is shaping the evolution of facade technology. Your involvement puts you at the forefront of transformative action.
  • Networking: Discounted registration to FTI events, including the World Congress, the annual regional Forum series, the Vitruvian Honors & Awards Ceremony, and other business, education and networking events. Mix, mingle and work with facade thought leaders and practitioners from the profession, industry, academia, and ownership.
  • Promotion: We understand marketing and leverage our high media profile to place you and your company at the forefront of industry events and publications. Among our most valued assets is our acknowledged credibility and market recognition, assets which you will share as members.
  • Information: Keep pace with the latest technical developments in facade technology, including digital design and fabrication process, new material and process developments, new conceptual solutions, the most recent built works, and the latest in resilient and sustainable practices.
  • Books & Publications: Complimentary and discounted media produced by FTI, including the Facade Tectonics Journal.
  • Leadership: Opportunities for involvement and industry recognition through committees and work groups.
  • News & Features: Follow the latest facade applications, industry developments and events in SKINS, our newsletter, with a technical focus that delivers far more than just news.
  • Continuing Education: As a certified AIA service provider, most of our events qualify for AIA:CES and GBCI credit.
  • Online Tools & Resources: FTI is developing powerful online resources, including a facade retrofit case study database, FacadeRetrofit.org, and soon-to-launch databases of research papers and building facade projects.