As a member-based non-profit, our membership is comprised of thought leaders from across the building industry doing the urgent work of moving the built environment toward critical health, resilience and sustainability objectives. The facade system is pivotal to this endeavor – amplify your impact by joining us in collective action!

FTI is the only member-based research and education institute directly influencing the acceleration of building facade technology as it relates to the future of resilience and sustainability in the built environment. We are committed to building a dynamic member-based research and education institute dedicated to the primary role the building envelope plays in the resilience, sustainability, energy efficiency, durability, and occupant health of buildings and urban habitat.

Our conferences, educational activities, publications, and newsletters play an essential role in building a collaborative, action-oriented dialogue and network to bridge our fragmented construction industry. Our work will accelerate collaboration, innovation and result in tangible improvements within the built environment for the benefit of all stakeholders.

The Institute’s membership is made up of a broad-based coalition of industry-leading organizations and individuals which span the building profession, industry, academia and ownership, across a great diversity of building types, systems, products, and materials. The Institute is explicitly committed to remaining independent of the commercial interests of its membership and will not favor the interests of any of its members, materials or technologies. Rather, the Institute’s mission involves accelerating the evolution of building facade technology in support of a resilient and sustainable built environment, to the benefit of its entire membership, all stakeholders and all of humanity.

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A/E design firms: Check out our new membership category with exclusive benefits for professionals in A/E design firms as well as Owners/Developers. For more details on the benefits associated with this membership, you can download the membership package. If you are interested in joining at this level, please contact us for more details.

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Inner Circle Lean in and lead the way

Inner Circle

Inner Circle is The Facade Tectonic Institute’s top-tier membership, offering all benefits of the Partner Corporate Membership along with the ability to influence the direction of the organization through participation in the Institute’s strategic planning and execution process.

Contact us to discuss your inner circle membership!

Management Team in office silhouette

Corporate Declare your commitment to sustainable buildings and urban habitat

FTI Corporate Membership is our top-tier member category available to architects, developers, owners, contractors, engineers, manufacturers, real estate companies, and service providers, among other professional focuses related to the building marketplace. Our Corporate Membership opportunities are designed to provide each member firm with maximum brand visibility, access to exclusive research materials, networking with the industry’s leading executives, and decision makers as well as seats at FTI’s many regional forums and signature World Congress event.

Partner Executive Associate Supporter
Annual Fee $10,000 $6,500 $3,500 $2,000
Company logo and web link in FTI Member Directory Yes Yes Yes Yes
Inclusion in member listings at FTI events Yes Yes Yes Yes
Discount on select FTI event registrations and sponsorships, and all FTI publications 40% 30% 20% 10%
Framed Membership Certificate Yes Yes Yes Yes
Company logo on signage at all FTI events Yes Yes Yes No
Opportunity to host high-level member events Yes Yes No No
Member profile in SKINS newsletter Yes Yes No No
Representation on select Board-level committees Yes Yes No No
Participation in FTI surveys with complimentary copy of results Yes No No No
First Consideration for Board and committee chair nominations Yes No No No

Academic/Nonprofit Share our mission of research and education


FTI is a proponent of collaborative research and knowledge sharing to optimize resources and accelerate transformation of the built environment. Academics, institutes, and not-for-profit organizations play an integral role in the organization and in the international building facade dialogue. FTI encourages the participation of this critical segment by providing top-tier benefits at a discounted rate.

Student taking notes during lecture
Annual Fee $500
Organization logo and web link in FTI Member Directory Yes
One (1) complimentary copy of all FTI publications Yes
Inclusion in member listings at FTI events Yes
Opportunity for student/academic work to be featured in Institute publications and event programs Yes
Opportunity to be featured in SKINS newsletter Yes
Framed Membership Certificate Yes
Special pricing for FTI event registration and sponsorships Yes
Discount on all FTI publications 10%

Individual Mobilize your inner Facade Geek!

Our individual membership consists of individual professionals representing the full spectrum of the building profession, industry, academia, and ownership across a great diversity of building types.

Our most popular Individual Membership opportunity, Facade Geek, receives all benefits of being an Individual Member plus special recognition for notable achievements with building facade technology and priority consideration for committee and working group participation.

Facade Geek Professional Academic Retired Young Professional Student
Annual Fee $250 $175 $99 $75 $50 $0
Annual Fee $250 $175 $99 $75 $50 $0
Discount on FTI event registrations 10% 10% 10% 10% 10% special pricing
Discount on FTI publications 20% 10% 10% 10% 10% 10%
SKINS e-newsletter Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Membership Certificate Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Special recognition for notable achievements with building facade technology Yes No No No No No
Priority consideration for committee and working group participation Yes No No No No No