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  • 2019 Request for Research concept Briefs

    The FTI Research Committee is requesting Research Concept Briefs describing a team and approach for evaluating industry needs and challenges surrounding four key topic areas in which FTI has identified a need to accelerate innovation. The proposed research will clearly identify knowledge gaps and ba

  • Performance-based Facade Framework

    Buildings have a considerable impact on the environment, and it is crucial to consider environmental and energy performance in building design. Build…

  • Air Spaces Changed Everything featured image

    Air Spaces Changed Everything

    This abstract proposes that architectural facade design over the last 60 years has convulsed in light of two disruptions: air spaces which create ven…

  • The Butterfly featured image

    The Butterfly

    Providing a unique and integral cladding/envelope solution suited for high-rise buildings has been an inherent challenge for this building typology s…

  • Building Scale Mock-up featured image

    Building Scale Mock-up

    Until recently, Google has occupied buildings that were designed for others and modified the interiors to suit its needs. Many of the improvements we…

  • Digital Medium, Tangible Message featured image

    Digital Medium, Tangible Message

    The reaches of architecture are inherently linked to the efficacy of communication, and as emerging technology broadens the conceptual horizon of the…