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  • Targeted Enclosure Consulting

    As building enclosure consulting services evolve and mature in markets, the scopes of service that are provided and sought, can become more

  • Environmental Facade Perspective

    Designing a sustainable rainscreen wall assembly has become an essential part of most new construction projects. Industry principles and energy codes

  • Vertical Louvered Solar Control

    Exterior shading devices, when typically used, are horizontal planes that are most effective at the south face of buildings in the northern

  • Novel Thermal Break Solution

    Thermal-break-blanket technology is a novel and high-performance thermal break solution for aluminum curtain walls. The thermal-break-blanket is

  • Advances in Laminated Glass Engineering

    The stability of monolithic glass fins is reasonably well defined; as an elastic material it behaves in a similar manner to other elastic materials

  • Designing Structural Laminated Glass

    Laminated glass with standard PVB has long been used for safety and security due to its ability to adhere the broken glass fragments together. As the

  • Thinking About Facades

    There have been three decades of liberating developments in the application of descriptive geometry and freeform design methods, as well as the

  • Thermoelectric Facades

    This article discusses design, prototype development and a simulation study of novel types of facade systems, which integrate thermoelectric (TE)

  • Unitized Curtain Wall

    Unitized curtain wall has become ubiquitous in contemporary facade design and construction due to advantages associated with speed of erection, lower

  • Terra Cotta Skins

    This paper will address the potential of ornamental architectural terracotta surfaces to mitigate the effects of climate fluctuations that will

  • Contextual Envelopes

    Aesthetic and technical capabilities of facade design have become seemingly endless as building technologies progress. While the capacity to address

  • Obra Blanca

    A 3 day event to maximize relations and strengthen the contact net between the key players in the construction finishings industry. Obra Blanca Expo answers a growing need to exhibit all types of finishes and provides the best opportunity for professionals to present new products to the marketplace.

  • Geometric Patterns as Architectural Forms

    Facade design is a key component of architectural expression, and increasingly a key design consideration due to growing importance of factors like:

  • End-of-Life Challenges in Facade Design

    In recent decades, there has been increased attention to reduce the operational energy performance of buildings. Stringent legislation on building

  • Silicone Spandrel Glass Opacifiers

    Curtain wall design commonly uses insulating glass units for vision and spandrel glazing to provide better visual harmonization of building facade

  • Carbon-Neutral High-Rise Envelope Nexus

    The pathway to carbon-neutrality, as urged during the COP 21 in Paris, and the repeated goal for resilient buildings and urban habitats, winds right

  • Smart Colored Window Technology

    Traditional architecture can be a valuable source of inspiration for designers. Sustainable design concepts in traditional architecture have been

  • Advances in Effective Thickness

    Effective thickness is a simplified method for the structural evaluation of laminated glass section properties. The method consists of defining the

  • Facade Mock-ups

    Curtain walls and window walls are typically specified to meet a variety of different performance and testing criteria, some of which can be quite