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  • Case Study: Renovation of Fountain Place featured image

    Case Study: Renovation of Fountain Place

    <p>Fountain Place is a project that exemplifies the latest technology and applications in building skin design and jumbo structural glass…

  • SSG and Seismic

    With the advent of more sophisticated analysis methods and the desire to optimize geometries of structural silicone joints in high performance

  • More Than a Facade

    In 2014, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approved the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) as an accredited ANSI Standards

  • Transfer Topologies

    This research looks at the relationship of material and geometric distribution to set a methodology for integrating structural and thermal design.

  • Facade Mock-ups

    Curtain walls and window walls are typically specified to meet a variety of different performance and testing criteria, some of which can be quite

  • Steel As A Curtain Wall Framing Material

    This paper will explore steel forming methods other than cold drawn or hot rolled processes, and how they allow steel to be utilized as the primary

  • Reinforced Polymer Concrete Screen Walls featured image

    Reinforced Polymer Concrete Screen Walls

    <p>Apertures is a six-story, commercial building in the Roma Norte neighborhood of Mexico City–a neighborhood severely impacted by the 1985 and 2017…

  • Preserving a Historic Facade

    Environmental and socio-economic benefits of sustainable preservation have become apparent most recently in the restoration of the historic former

  • The Seismic Capability of Curtainwalls

    The testing of aluminum/glass curtainwalls for seismic capability, mainly inter-story drift, has been carried out on many curtainwalls over the last

  • Seismic Design of Jumbo Glass Structures

    The design of structural glass systems continues to evolve with the parallel development of new manufacturing technology. Improvements in the

  • The Evolution of AEC Professional Silos

    Healthcare projects in northern California require specialized knowledge to navigate regulation, technological advancements, and project execution

  • Kinematic Structural Glass

    The structural glass storefront facade at 111 Main Street in Salt Lake City lends itself as a case study in accommodating large building

  • Seismic Movements

    A common building upgrade to add value to existing commercial real estate is the renewal of the entrance lobby. The lobby facade is replaced to give

  • Thermal Analysis of Complex Glazing

    The use of bidirectional scattering distribution function incorporated in a transient systems simulation program, allows engineers to accurately

  • Transitions Between Diverse Envelope Systems

    The Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California features an extremely diverse set of facade systems within one

  • Adaptive Facades

    Facade engineering aims at appropriately balancing the demands imposed by the context and the capabilities inherent to the materials, the geometries