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  • Iconic Buildings

    The iconic building principal incentive is to be visually attractive or stand out, for this purpose three main features must be accomplished: have a

  • Contextualizing Glass and Carbon Impacts

    Climate change goals will require significant improvements in the way buildings are constructed and operated. Building reuse can combat climate

  • Inside the Box

    The trend towards modular and unitized facades continues to grow in popularity due largely in part to the efficiencies gained in terms of cost and

  • Shaping Skin

    The conventional modern facade is essentially flat, which creates the tendency toward visual monotony and problems for modulating daylight—both on

  • The Butterfly

    Providing a unique and integral cladding/envelope solution suited for high-rise buildings has been an inherent challenge for this building typology

  • Terra Cotta Skins featured image

    Terra Cotta Skins

    <p>This paper will address the potential of ornamental architectural terracotta surfaces to mitigate the effects of climate fluctuations that will…

  • Carbon-Dioxide-Inhaling Facade

    3.5 billion years ago, cyanobacteria created the foundation for life on Earth by producing the oxygen basis for our atmosphere. Should we once again

  • Building by Numbers featured image

    Building by Numbers

    <p>This paper outlines the successful implementation of digital workflows between the design team composed of Architect, Structural Engineer and…

  • Realizing Bespoke Structural Glass Facades featured image

    Realizing Bespoke Structural Glass Facades

    <p>In the very earliest stages of a design, an architect imagines a unique glazed facade form and wonders, “Is this possible?” and “What will it…

  • The Versatile Envelope Garden featured image

    The Versatile Envelope Garden

    <p>Facades play an integral role in defining the experience of modern life. As rising populations gravitate from rural to urban communities, they…

  • Blast Performance of TSSA

    Architectural preferences for commercial building continue towards increased transparency resulting in large lites of glass with minimal visual

  • Thermal Analysis of Complex Glazing

    The use of bidirectional scattering distribution function incorporated in a transient systems simulation program, allows engineers to accurately

  • Contextual Envelopes featured image

    Contextual Envelopes

    <p>Aesthetic and technical capabilities of facade design have become seemingly endless as building technologies progress. While the capacity to…

  • Kinetics in Building Facades

    The prominence of climatically responsive building facades through the use of kinetics has proliferated in recent years due to a concern for the

  • A Compact, Unitized Double Skin Facade

    Driven by an increasing demand for high thermal and acoustic performance, transparency, and low maintenance costs, a number of facade innovations