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  • Crucial Conversations of Diversity & Inclusion

    In architecture, the façade is often the defining aspect of a building’s appearance, establishing the building’s public persona. From an engineering perspective, the façade is an assembly of building components with a critical impact on a range of performative metrics.

  • Build Test Iterate Repeat

    The global increase in atmospheric temperature rise combined with the rapid growth of previously underdeveloped climate zones presents a growing need

  • Facade Tectonics Forum: NYC

    .FTI's 2019 NYC Forum was an intimate, provocative and forward-looking dialogue with thought leaders from all sectors of the building industry; owners, architects, consultants, contractors and more.

  • Controlling Anisotropy in Heat Treated Glass

    Anisotropy is also known as Brewster marks, quench marks, strain pattern, leopard spots, Iridescence, etc. Although anisotropy is inevitable when

  • Green Façade/Roofs Design Tool

    Climate change and related thermal issues, draw attention to the impact of green facades and roofs on energy savings and thermal comfort. Besides, by

  • Undulated Glass Self-shading

    The research is structured around complex optical effects of undulated glass and coatings that exhibit high reflectivity, especially at higher

  • DC Water Headquarters Case Study

    Facades must be responsive to a myriad of qualities and influences ranging from urban impact and aesthetic character to numerous performance

  • Invert Auto-Shading

    Allowing sufficient amount of natural light while avoiding excessive sunlight penetration is often hard to achieve with static facade systems due to

  • Smart Colored Window Technology featured image

    Smart Colored Window Technology

    <p>Traditional architecture can be a valuable source of inspiration for designers. Sustainable design concepts in traditional architecture have been…

  • Structuring Skin

    Curtain wall is the prevailing type of enclosure on modern buildings because of its economy, its independence from structure that allows flexibility

  • Multi-domain Assessment of a Kinetic Facade

    An assessment workflow was created to simulate and evaluate the performance of a kinetic facade in an interior space. It includes parameters of

  • Direct Sun and Occupant Comfort

    Direct sun on the body is a known potential cause of thermal discomfort for occupants, yet most thermal comfort simulations do not capture its