Facade Tectonics Forum: NYC

Material Matters: Emerging Strategies and Design Practices for Facade Systems, Buildings and Urban Habitat

Facade Tectonics Forum: NYC was held on Tuesday, November 5, 2019. For a recap of the event, please read the press release.

Some of the speaker presentations are available to view and download. To access these presentations, please click on the respective session in the program schedule below.


New York City—a dynamic cauldron where the future of this singular urban habitat is in foment, with buildings as the main ingredient. The City recently announced its own version of the Green New Deal, passing the Climate Mobilization Act including legislated mandates for significant reductions in carbon emissions produced by the building sector. Nowhere is there more at stake in advancing the building stock toward truly sustainable performance metrics. Central to a solution is the building skin; the lynchpin to resilience and sustainability in buildings and urban habitat. The facade system combines attributes of performance and appearance like nothing else in architecture. The nexus of myriad, often competing, design considerations, the facade zone is the key to holistic building design and building systems integration.

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Tuesday, November 5