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  • Towards A Data Driven Fabrication Process featured image

    Towards A Data Driven Fabrication Process

    Today's evolving digital tools allow designers to be more creative in designing new forms and geometries. Adapting similar tools to the fabrication a…

  • Facade Tectonics Forum: MINNEAPOLIS

    FTI touched down in Minneapolis to confront themes central to the ever-evolving facade: energy-efficiency and sustainability, digital technology, kinetic and dynamic components, and material evolution.

  • Pioneer Cladding & Glazing Systems

    Pioneer Cladding & Glazing is a privately held LLC involved in the design, fabrication, assembly, glazing and erection of custom curtain wall systems. The firm’s primary focus is directed towards custom unitized curtain wall systems utilizing aluminum, glass, metal panel and terra cotta materials.

  • United States Olympic and Paralympic Museum

    Advanced fabrication processes combined with parametric 3D modeling give designers and architects the freedom and versatility to push the boundaries …

  • Prototyping with Ultra-Thin Glass

    This paper proposes system concepts and fabrication methods for the use of ultra-thin glass in facades. It documents the team's research on ultra-thi…

  • Hydroformed Shading featured image

    Hydroformed Shading

    New approaches to lightweight metal forming have the potential to advance architectural fabrication, particularly in the design and engineering of hi…

  • Working With Big Data featured image

    Working With Big Data

    Big data is having a noticeable impact on enclosure engineering design. With continuing advancements that liberate the geometrical form and the incre…

  • Call for Board Nominations

    We invite members to submit nominations for a vacancy opening on our Board of Directors — we will consider applications for individuals working in material supplier, education, public interest, general contracting, building ownership/development, or fabrication spaces.

  • 2021 Vitruvian Honors & Awards Ceremony

    FTI is now accepting nominations for the 2021 Vitruvian Honors & Awards and invites you to submit a project or project team for consideration. The deadline to submit is Monday, October 4, 2021. More details about the awards ceremony will be announced soon.

  • Localized Rigidification of PCM Envelopes featured image

    Localized Rigidification of PCM Envelopes

    This is an experimental and computational exploration of structural systems that transform between states of rigidity and flexibility. The goal is to…

  • Stainless Steel 101

    This paper presents a summary of the industry advances beyond T304 and T316 austenitic stainless steels. The greater availability of precipitation ha…

  • Digital Medium, Tangible Message

    The reaches of architecture are inherently linked to the efficacy of communication, and as emerging technology broadens the conceptual horizon of the…

  • BIM BOP 2020

    The fourteenth annual BIM conference will be taking place online this year! We have set up a series of three sessions with three speakers each, moderated breakout sessions with the speakers, and 11 BIM BOPS! It's not quite the same as being on the USC campus, but still full of the best of BIM.

  • Differentiated Building Skin featured image

    Differentiated Building Skin

    The Los Angeles Stadium’s doubly curved skin is composed of over 35,000 unique triangular panels covering 296,502 square feet of surface area. The pa…

  • Architectural Glass Bootcamp 2020

    Up your game at the Architectural Glass Boot Camp! Get hands-on with industry innovators and earn AIA credits. This free, hands-on workshop designed for the design community to learn the latest developments in glazing and metalwork from leading industry professionals.

  • Patchwork featured image


    It may be difficult for modern man to believe that what is known as handicraft was once the advanced manufacturing of the day. These techniques were …

  • Managing Constraints

    On a commercial high-rise tower project located in Hong Kong, the design team was challenged to make a facade that would beneficial to tenants with a…