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  • Towards A Data Driven Fabrication Process

    Today's evolving digital tools allow designers to be more creative in designing new forms and geometries. Adapting similar tools to the fabrication

  • Solar Reflection Mitigation

    Glass by nature is a reflective material, and it is well-known and documented that issues of glare can occur due to solar reflection. This phenomenon

  • Mixed Reality in Facade Education

    Developments in performative computational analysis, mass customization, and complex form manipulation revolutionized building envelope design

  • Build Test Iterate Repeat

    The global increase in atmospheric temperature rise combined with the rapid growth of previously underdeveloped climate zones presents a growing need

  • Patchwork

    It may be difficult for modern man to believe that what is known as handicraft was once the advanced manufacturing of the day. These techniques were

  • Design Digital Recipes

    Precision in digital workflow is necessary to deliver facade projects where there is a high design aesthetic or structural performance requirement.

  • Curved Forming Panel Facades

    The performative and visual aspects of curved forming/bending thin “formable” planar materials is explored. Early tests for deflection indicate that

  • Coupling Facade and Structure

    Traditional approach for engineering the facade is building an isolated analysis model. However, it inhibits a dynamic design process where

  • VR For Daylight

    Daylighting is often an important component of architectural design and heavily influenced by a building’s facade and enclosure systems. Unlike many

  • Digital Enablement for Manufacturing

    Architectural design freedom achieved on high-end projects currently costs over $1,000/sq. Ft. Building materials have long been relegated to plane

  • Digital Lifecycle of Building Envelopes

    “The digital transformation will change everything” – with this quote in mind a deep look into the current facade business will be given with a

  • Algorithmic Patterns for Facade Design

    Recently, building envelopes have been exhibiting complex shapes and patterns, a trend supported by current digital technologies. Likewise, the

  • Working With Big Data

    Big data is having a noticeable impact on enclosure engineering design. With continuing advancements that liberate the geometrical form and the

  • Architectural Ceramic Assemblies

    This paper documents a six year academia/industry collaboration between researchers at the Department of Architecture, University at Buffalo (SUNY)

  • Developments in Gridshell Design

    In 1959 Heinz Isler challenged the world of concrete shell design by proposing a series of shapes for shells that were very different from what most