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  • Episode 09: Ted Kesik on SKINS

    Special guest Ted Kesik, PhD, Professor of Building Science at the University of Toronto, joins us to discuss everything from digital workflows and durability to embodied carbon and resilience.

  • PowerSKIN Conference

    The next PowerSKIN Conference will be held virtually in Munich on April 9th. The focus of the 2021 conference deals with the question of whether simplicity and robustness are in contradiction to good performance or whether they even complement each other: Simplicity vs. Performance?

  • Digital Medium, Tangible Message featured image

    Digital Medium, Tangible Message

    The reaches of architecture are inherently linked to the efficacy of communication, and as emerging technology broadens the conceptual horizon of the…

  • Design Digital Recipes featured image

    Design Digital Recipes

    Precision in digital workflow is necessary to deliver facade projects where there is a high design aesthetic or structural performance requirement. T…

  • Building by Numbers

    This paper outlines the successful implementation of digital workflows between the design team composed of Architect, Structural Engineer and Project…

  • Algorithmic Patterns for Facade Design

    Recently, building envelopes have been exhibiting complex shapes and patterns, a trend supported by current digital technologies. Likewise, the desig…

  • Mixed Reality in Facade Education featured image

    Mixed Reality in Facade Education

    Developments in performative computational analysis, mass customization, and complex form manipulation revolutionized building envelope design proces…

  • Working With Big Data featured image

    Working With Big Data

    Big data is having a noticeable impact on enclosure engineering design. With continuing advancements that liberate the geometrical form and the incre…

  • Exo-Skins featured image


    Cost-effective, sustainable, self-actuating, thermally-responsive, bio-composite exo-skins that act like shields or cloaks for existing buildings cou…

  • Connections – Tolerance, Adjustability, Geometric Accuracy featured image

    Connections – Tolerance, Adjustability, Geometric Accuracy

    Connections, those transitions between systems and materials, are critically important when the surfaces are curved or complex. Well-designed connect…

  • VR For Daylight featured image

    VR For Daylight

    Daylighting is often an important component of architectural design and heavily influenced by a building’s facade and enclosure systems. Unlike many …

  • Developments in Gridshell Design featured image

    Developments in Gridshell Design

    In 1959 Heinz Isler challenged the world of concrete shell design by proposing a series of shapes for shells that were very different from what most …

  • Architectural Ceramic Assemblies featured image

    Architectural Ceramic Assemblies

    This paper documents a six year academia/industry collaboration between researchers at the Department of Architecture, University at Buffalo (SUNY) a…

  • 2021 ACSA/EAAE Teachers Conference

    CURRICULUM FOR CLIMATE AGENCY: DESIGN (IN)ACTION This year’s Teachers Conference will be held virtually from June 24 – 25, 2021. The virtual conference will be a forum for dialogue & debate on Curriculum for Climate Agency: Design (in)Action.

  • Patchwork featured image


    It may be difficult for modern man to believe that what is known as handicraft was once the advanced manufacturing of the day. These techniques were …

  • Towards A Data Driven Fabrication Process featured image

    Towards A Data Driven Fabrication Process

    Today's evolving digital tools allow designers to be more creative in designing new forms and geometries. Adapting similar tools to the fabrication a…

  • Digital Lifecycle of Building Envelopes featured image

    Digital Lifecycle of Building Envelopes

    “The digital transformation will change everything” – with this quote in mind a deep look into the current facade business will be given with a speci…

  • Coupling Facade and Structure featured image

    Coupling Facade and Structure

    Traditional approach for engineering the facade is building an isolated analysis model. However, it inhibits a dynamic design process where architect…