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  • Introducing the FTI Video Library

    We are excited to announce the launch of our video library featuring a selection of past live event recordings now available, exclusively to FTI members. Our events bring international audiences together to explore industry issues, trends, and emerging technologies as they relate to buildings...

  • 2021 Vitruvian Honors & Awards Ceremony

    FTI is now accepting nominations for the 2021 Vitruvian Honors & Awards and invites you to submit a project or project team for consideration. The deadline to submit is Monday, October 4, 2021. More details about the awards ceremony will be announced soon.

  • The Myth of Simplicity featured image

    The Myth of Simplicity

    There were good why reasons early US Modernism first evolved in California– wide open sites with no constraints (physical or zoning), and effectively…

  • Patchwork featured image


    It may be difficult for modern man to believe that what is known as handicraft was once the advanced manufacturing of the day. These techniques were …

  • The Poetry, Pitfalls and Potential of Kinetic Facades

    The Poetry, Pitfalls and Potential of Kinetic Facades is an ongoing series published by the Advanced Technology Studio of Enclos examining kinetic components in building envelopes — often eye-catching, occasionally gimmicky, and almost always a technical and economic challenge.

  • Air Spaces Changed Everything featured image

    Air Spaces Changed Everything

    This abstract proposes that architectural facade design over the last 60 years has convulsed in light of two disruptions: air spaces which create ven…

  • Edge Lighting Glazing with Hidden Fixtures

    Dynamic architectural lighting in urban areas is a key element in creating attractive nighttime icons in addition to potentially generating advertise…

  • Form Follows Well-Being featured image

    Form Follows Well-Being

    Recent planning recognizes a growing demand for buildings that provide higher levels of occupant well-being. Often, well-being in buildings is reduce…

  • Terracotta 1912 to 2018

    Center Three is a 100-year-old, one million square-foot building in Long Island City, New York that was constructed over the course of one year. It w…

  • Retrofit Options for Historic Facades featured image

    Retrofit Options for Historic Facades

    Building design criteria requires that government buildings be designed for a variety of extreme loads including blast, hurricane, and impact conditi…

  • Facades+ NYC

    Facades+ bring together some of the world’s most productive building professionals. Be inspired and learn how to innovate all steps of facade implementation, from systems and materials to designs and delivery strategies.

  • Preserving a Historic Facade featured image

    Preserving a Historic Facade

    Environmental and socio-economic benefits of sustainable preservation have become apparent most recently in the restoration of the historic former Ma…

  • The Carapace Pavilion featured image

    The Carapace Pavilion

    The Carapace Pavilion is a university-based, design-build, full-scale custom prototype for a possible replacement of the standard precast concrete to…

  • ACT Facade featured image

    ACT Facade

    Due to material and technological advancement during the last century, transparency has become a prominent trend in contemporary architecture. Howeve…