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  • Historical Evolution of Responsive Facades

    Responsive facade system is considered a major component of high-performance building envelope that is capable of responding to environmental stimuli…

  • Two Sides to Sustainability & High-performance

    High performance can be defined as “a building that integrates and optimizes all major high-performance building attributes, including energy efficie…

  • Ceramic Precast Composite Panels featured image

    Ceramic Precast Composite Panels

    An innovative lightweight ceramic precast composite panel is introduced in this paper that offers the unique benefits of prefabricated off-site const…

  • European Facade Networks

    The European climate and energy targets for 2020 demand significant improvement of the energy performance of buildings since one third of the end-use…

  • Enhancing an Icon: 71 Above at the US Bank Tower

    The 71Above restaurant on the 71st floor of the U.S. Bank Tower features 192 electrochromic windows installed by Giroux Glass, Inc. Explore the sensory experience made possible by glazing choices and why we’re apt to see more tech-driven smart window installations in the future.

  • ICSA 2022

    The International Conference on Structures and Architecture, organised by the International Association of Structures & Architecture, is the world’s leading and largest global conference bridging the gap between Structures and Architecture. For the first time ICSA is to be held in Aalborg, Denmark.

    Industry Event by International Association of Structures and Architecture

  • Face Time: Introducing the Facade Tectonics Institute

    There is history to this new enterprise. Facade Tectonics started as a series of invited roundtable discussions at the University of Southern California School of Architecture in 2007 as a strategic response to the escalating importance and complexity of building facade technology. These roundtable

  • The Future Envelope 13 – Conference on Building Envelopes

    User centred façades | The Future Envelope 13 – Conference on Building Envelopes | During the 13th edition of the annual conference, twelve international speakers from research, industry, management and design will share their experience and visions of the future building envelope.

  • Facades+ NYC

    Facades+ bring together some of the world’s most productive building professionals. Be inspired and learn how to innovate all steps of facade implementation, from systems and materials to designs and delivery strategies.

  • Terra Cotta Skins featured image

    Terra Cotta Skins

    This paper will address the potential of ornamental architectural terracotta surfaces to mitigate the effects of climate fluctuations that will creat…

  • Lightning Protection as Building Envelope featured image

    Lightning Protection as Building Envelope

    A building’s envelope mitigates the effects of meteorological phenomena – including lightning – upon the structure and its occupants and contents. Th…

  • Prototyping with Ultra-Thin Glass featured image

    Prototyping with Ultra-Thin Glass

    This paper proposes system concepts and fabrication methods for the use of ultra-thin glass in facades. It documents the team's research on ultra-thi…

  • Shape Memory Alloy Activated Shading

    A novel shading device for facade application was developed by combining innovative geometry elements (twisting cylinders) with a smart use of shape-…

  • Rammed Earth & Wildfire featured image

    Rammed Earth & Wildfire

    California is set to be drier and more drought prone with climate change. Wildfire and the subsequent loss of life and housing is a huge challenge. C…

  • Renewing Two Saarinen Icons

    Kresge Auditorium and the MIT Chapel, designed by Eero Saarinen and built in 1955, are both world renowned works of architecture and powerful symbols…

  • Sustainable Silicone featured image

    Sustainable Silicone

    Silicone materials have a long history in high performance building projects. Known for durability, they can reduce a building’s carbon footprint by …

  • The Butterfly

    Providing a unique and integral cladding/envelope solution suited for high-rise buildings has been an inherent challenge for this building typology s…

  • The ABCs of ZNE

    The journey to a zero net energy (ZNE) future starts with renovating the current paradigm of building design. The way buildings are designed today needs a retrofit in thinking so new projects meet the challenges of the global climate crisis.