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  • Two Sides to Sustainability & High-performance featured image

    Two Sides to Sustainability & High-performance

    High performance can be defined as “a building that integrates and optimizes all major high-performance building attributes, including energy efficie…

  • Growing Myceliated Facades

    Today's sustainability in architecture takes into consideration the complete life cycle of buildings and their components, from resource harvesting a…

  • Eastman

    Eastman is a global specialty materials company that produces a broad range of products found in items people use every day. Eastman works with customers to deliver innovative products and solutions while maintaining a commitment to safety and sustainability.

  • Greenbuild International Conference and Expo

    Greenbuild International Conference and Expo is the largest annual event for green building professionals worldwide to learn and source cutting edge solutions to improve resilience, sustainability, and quality of life in our buildings, cities, and communities.

  • The First Triple Certified Facade featured image

    The First Triple Certified Facade

    Johnson Controls (JCI), a leading provider of intelligent building technology solicited the design of a 35,000sm headquarters for its Asia-Pacific Re…

  • The Facade Tectonics Institute announces Facades Week: LA!

    Amidst a groundswell of both criticism and concern over the performance of the built environment the FTI has announced Facades Week: LA!, a weeklong series of events in Los Angeles celebrating the building skin as the lynchpin of resilience and sustainability in buildings and urban habitat.

  • Environmentally Responsible Wood Cladding

    This case study focuses on the solutions provided for the Bell Museum at the University of Minnesota. Our design team worked with the client to creat…

  • A Compact, Unitized Double Skin Facade featured image

    A Compact, Unitized Double Skin Facade

    Driven by an increasing demand for high thermal and acoustic performance, transparency, and low maintenance costs, a number of facade innovations hav…

  • Lightning Protection as Building Envelope

    A building’s envelope mitigates the effects of meteorological phenomena – including lightning – upon the structure and its occupants and contents. Th…

  • Shade and Spectacle

    This paper will look at the different facades of the Elysian Fields apartment building designed by Warren Techentin Architecture [WTARCH] and complet…

  • Orbit Tower

    While most of high-rise buildings feature a core surrounded by a spatial frame defining the volume, one could envision a column-free plan where the p…

  • Net Zero 2020 Conference

    Don't just wait for the future, build it. NZ20, the world's largest net zero conference, is building a #NetZeroFuture for all. Learn more & register at www.NetZeroConference.com

  • Ginza Six featured image

    Ginza Six

    Tokyo’s prestigious Ginza District, is home to innovative architectural design. One of the most recent examples is Ginza Six (GSIX), the largest comm…

  • Integrating Structure and Cladding featured image

    Integrating Structure and Cladding

    The project represents a successful integration of a glass façade with the primary structure of the building. The choice of the building material is …

  • Facade Tectonics Forum: NYC

    FTI's 2019 NYC Forum was an intimate, provocative and forward-looking dialogue with thought leaders from all sectors of the building industry; owners, architects, consultants, contractors and more.

  • Green Wall Rainscreen featured image

    Green Wall Rainscreen

    Green Wall applications are growing in popularity around the world. Often thought of as a decorative element they provide much more than aesthetic ap…

  • Influence of Façade Materials on the Acoustic Environment

    Urban noise pollution is a major environmental health problem. International organizations are making efforts to prevent health damage due to high le…