The Facade Tectonics Institute announces Facades Week: LA!

Amidst a groundswell of both criticism and concern over the performance of the built environment the Facade Tectonics Institute has announced Facades Week: LA!, a weeklong series of events in Los Angeles celebrating the building skin as the lynchpin of resilience and sustainability in buildings and urban habitat.

The Institute promises more details soon as the World Congress event—comprised of the presentation of some 100 blind-peer-reviewed papers—coalesces into a multi-track two-day program.

The Institute has brought to the recognition of the building industry the facade system—long neglected, though combining attributes of appearance and performance like nothing else in architecture—as the very key, the lynchpin, to vital goals of resilience and sustainability in the built environment. In a highly risk-averse marketplace and one known for emphasizing proprietary interests, the Institute has created a neutral platform for knowledge sharing that holds the potential to propel the AECO industry, which has historically and notoriously lagged leading tech industries, into a leadership position in the world economy.

“Everything is on the line here,” emphasizes Mic Patterson, Ambassador for Innovation & Collaboration for the Institute, “Buildings are near half the carbon problem driving climate change and representing nothing less than an existential threat to humanity. We can and must play a leadership role in navigating our societies, our cities and nations, out of this mess. It’s time to lay aside partisan politics, vested interests and profit motives and assure the ongoing survival and evolution of our species. We can and must do this.”

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