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  • Integrating Structure and Cladding featured image

    Integrating Structure and Cladding

    The project represents a successful integration of a glass facade with the primary structure of the building. The choice of the building material is …

  • Structural Skin: Integrating Structure and Cladding

    From gothic masonry to the sculptural building facades of today, exposed structural surfaces are often the most defining element of architecture. Increasingly, however, designers sit at a nexus of these aesthetic considerations and performance-driven design.

  • Coupling Facade and Structure

    Traditional approach for engineering the facade is building an isolated analysis model. However, it inhibits a dynamic design process where architect…

  • Seismic Design of Jumbo Glass Structures featured image

    Seismic Design of Jumbo Glass Structures

    The design of structural glass systems continues to evolve with the parallel development of new manufacturing technology. Improvements in the manufac…

  • ICSA 2022

    The International Conference on Structures and Architecture, organised by the International Association of Structures & Architecture, is the world’s leading and largest global conference bridging the gap between Structures and Architecture. For the first time ICSA is to be held in Aalborg, Denmark.

  • Undulated Glass Self-shading

    The research is structured around complex optical effects of undulated glass and coatings that exhibit high reflectivity, especially at higher incide…

  • APT Seattle Conference Symposium 2023: Aging Composite Materials and Assemblies

    Aging modern heritage buildings and structures face complex repair and reinvestment challenges. Manufactured composite materials and multi-material assemblies often cannot be cost-effectively repaired or replaced in kind.

  • From Design to Experiment

    Flat cable-net facades are form-active structures which provide maximum transparency by means of point fixing components, tensioned cables, and struc…

  • ANFA 2021 Call for Presenters

    The ANFA Conference will explore, from a scientific basis, the range of human experiences that occur in context with elements of architecture, both exterior and interior. Abstracts will be accepted until February 28, 2021.

  • Design Principles For Museum Daylight Systems

    This research unlocks the relationship between space, structure and light in nine unique museums developed by architect Renzo Piano. Renzo Piano uses…

  • Origami-Inspired Facade Design featured image

    Origami-Inspired Facade Design

    To paraphrase Robert le Ricolias, the art of the structure is where to put the folds. Using that inspiration, fundamental concepts from origami, topo…

  • Lightning Protection as Building Envelope

    A building’s envelope mitigates the effects of meteorological phenomena – including lightning – upon the structure and its occupants and contents. Th…

  • Printed Facades? featured image

    Printed Facades?

    While additive manufacturing (AM) offers unprecedented freedom of design and a remarkable potential for material efficiency and lightweight structure…

  • Structuring Skin featured image

    Structuring Skin

    Curtain wall is the prevailing type of enclosure on modern buildings because of its economy, its independence from structure that allows flexibility …

  • Fenestration Challenges

    The May SKINS newsletter focuses on fenestration, that is – windows, curtainwall, storefront, glazed doors and skylights. There are very few structures that are built without these elements, not just because they are so crucial for occupant health and well-being.

  • Orbit Tower featured image

    Orbit Tower

    While most of high-rise buildings feature a core surrounded by a spatial frame defining the volume, one could envision a column-free plan where the p…

  • Fire Safety and Code Challenges for Mass Timber in Curtain Wall Systems featured image

    Fire Safety and Code Challenges for Mass Timber in Curtain Wall Systems

    With the desire for more sustainable construction and reduced embodied energy, mass timber is being explored for building structures. For medium and …

  • Slipping through the Cracks

    We construct building enclosures to keep the elements out, but sometimes air and water infiltrate the building envelope, causing several problems for…