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  • Performance of Compact, Closed Cavity, Double-skin Curtain Wall featured image

    Performance of Compact, Closed Cavity, Double-skin Curtain Wall

    A proposed design for a compact, closed cavity, double-skin curtain wall system in the Marine climate of the West Coast raises questions of potential…

  • Performance-based Facade Framework

    Buildings have a considerable impact on the environment, and it is crucial to consider environmental and energy performance in building design. Build…

  • Blast Performance of TSSA

    Architectural preferences for commercial building continue towards increased transparency resulting in large lites of glass with minimal visual obstr…

  • Thermal Performance of Closed Cavity Facades

    Closed cavity facades (CCF), a configuration of Double Skin Facade (DSF), consists of a double-glazed unit on the inner layer and single glazing on t…

  • Two Sides to Sustainability & High-performance

    High performance can be defined as “a building that integrates and optimizes all major high-performance building attributes, including energy efficie…

  • Effect of Thermal Bridging on Buildings' Energy Performance featured image

    Effect of Thermal Bridging on Buildings' Energy Performance

    Heat transfer through building facades can occur by any combinations of conduction, convection, and/or radiation. Conductive heat transfer depends on…

  • Viracon

    Viracon offers the most complete range of high-performance architectural glass products available worldwide. We not only fabricate glass, we also deliver design, aesthetic, budget and performance solutions for projects big and small. Our complete product line includes insulating, laminated, digital

  • Kreysler & Associates

    Kreysler & Associates has been leading the way in the use of composite materials in construction since its establishment in 1982. Born out of the high performance boat industry, the company was founded to bring proven marine materials and techniques to the construction industry.

  • National Fenestration Rating Council

    National Rating Fenestration Council (NFRC), formed in 1989, is a nonprofit organization that promulgates voluntary, uniform, certification rating and labeling programs for the energy performance of windows, doors, skylights, and applied films.

  • Data-Driven Shading Systems featured image

    Data-Driven Shading Systems

    Analyzing the energy performance of complex building envelopes, determining the need for sun protection, and assessing the effectiveness of shading d…

  • Form as Energy

    All too often, high-performance building envelopes are considered in terms of new materials and technologies that push specific systems to improve en…

  • Valmont Structures

    Valmont Structures Locker product line has the largest capability and capacity in expanded metal mesh, perforated metal and woven wire mesh, and is committed to providing world-class engineered facades that offers both designer and owner quality, performance and a distinct impression.