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  • Climate-Oriented Prefabricated Building Envelopes

    Facades developed in response to climactic factors increase performance and human comfort while reducing energy loads. A single building envelope

  • Addressing climate change through façade design - Vaclav Hasik

    There is a growing awareness and interest in understanding the carbon footprint of material manufacturing, opening doors to new opportunities in facade design and manufacturing innovation. There are steps and decisions we can make today to help fight climate change.

  • Emissions Limits Critical to Climate Initiatives

    There have been 26 Conferences on Climate Change sponsored by the United Nations. The most recent conference, COP 26, was held in 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland. With 200 countries in attendance, all eyes were set on achieving the goal of limiting the rise in global temperature to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

  • U-Factor Matters in Hot Climates featured image

    U-Factor Matters in Hot Climates

    <p>It is commonly thought that fenestration U-factor is not a key determinant in the performance of facades in hot climates, and generally the focus…

  • European Facade Networks featured image

    European Facade Networks

    <p>The European climate and energy targets for 2020 demand significant improvement of the energy performance of buildings since one third of the…

  • Green Façade/Roofs Design Tool featured image

    Green Façade/Roofs Design Tool

    <p>Climate change and related thermal issues, draw attention to the impact of green facades and roofs on energy savings and thermal comfort. Besides,…

  • Contextualizing Glass and Carbon Impacts

    Climate change goals will require significant improvements in the way buildings are constructed and operated. Building reuse can combat climate

  • AIA Conference on Architecture 2021

    A’21 brings together leaders in architecture and beyond for a four-day, immersive digital experience that defines the year ahead. It’s the architecture and design event of the year!

  • Rammed Earth & Wildfire

    California is set to be drier and more drought prone with climate change. Wildfire and the subsequent loss of life and housing is a huge challenge.

  • Living Future '20

    A compelling, hopeful vision for the future is what the International Living Future Institute was founded on, and what drives our team. Join us and share what sustains your hope for our future.

  • Stop F*cking Around – Build Our Zero Carbon Economy Now

    To avoid the worst effects of the climate crisis, we urgently need to reduce carbon emissions now. But that's not enough! This original article for SKINS by Drew Shula is a veritable manifesto on the why and how of climate action for all of us.

  • Terra Cotta Skins

    This paper will address the potential of ornamental architectural terracotta surfaces to mitigate the effects of climate fluctuations that will

  • Build Test Iterate Repeat

    The global increase in atmospheric temperature rise combined with the rapid growth of previously underdeveloped climate zones presents a growing need

  • High Performance: Who Benefits?

    I recently started studying Sustainable Environmental Systems at Pratt Institute. One of my classes focused on climate change and its social effects across the world. I started to connect the dots backward and question the impact of our work in facades and fenestration on our local communities.

  • HydroSKIN

    Building envelopes cover a considerable part of the urban exterior surfaces, and to therefore have a significant leverage effect on the climate

  • Rethinking Building Skins

    Building skins play a pivotal role in architecture. Other than the aesthetical and architectural aspects, facades are key to the climate performance,