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  • All-Glass Bearing Facades featured image

    All-Glass Bearing Facades

    <p>The Green Village at the TU Delft is a living lab for sustainable innovations. The Co Creation Centre (CCC) will be their new meeting center (13.5…

  • Printed Facades? featured image

    Printed Facades?

    <p>While additive manufacturing (AM) offers unprecedented freedom of design and a remarkable potential for material efficiency and lightweight…

  • Case Study: Renovation of Fountain Place

    Fountain Place is a project that exemplifies the latest technology and applications in building skin design and jumbo structural glass applications,

  • Advances in Effective Thickness

    Effective thickness is a simplified method for the structural evaluation of laminated glass section properties. The method consists of defining the

  • Simplicity is Deceiving featured image

    Simplicity is Deceiving

    <p>The case study presented is a 195 meters tall office tower with a raised podium made of 16 meters full height glass panels (and smaller). The…

  • Feasibility of Measuring Stress in Glass with a SCALP featured image

    Feasibility of Measuring Stress in Glass with a SCALP

    <p>The SCALP device is designed to measure the residual compressive surface stress of glass. As the SCALP does not rely on the birefringence…

  • Seismic Design of Jumbo Glass Structures

    The design of structural glass systems continues to evolve with the parallel development of new manufacturing technology. Improvements in the

  • Realizing Bespoke Structural Glass Facades

    In the very earliest stages of a design, an architect imagines a unique glazed facade form and wonders, “Is this possible?” and “What will it cost?”

  • Kinematic Structural Glass

    The structural glass storefront facade at 111 Main Street in Salt Lake City lends itself as a case study in accommodating large building

  • Designing Structural Laminated Glass

    Laminated glass with standard PVB has long been used for safety and security due to its ability to adhere the broken glass fragments together. As the

  • Glass Strength Under Point Loading featured image

    Glass Strength Under Point Loading

    <p>Structural glass is used in a range of building applications, and while the ASTM E1300 has recently been updated to provide a design method to…