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  • Envelope For Service

    Envelope-for-Service (E4S) is a novel business model developed with the aim of converting the building façade from a traditionally traded good to a

  • All-Glass Bearing Facades featured image

    All-Glass Bearing Facades

    <p>The Green Village at the TU Delft is a living lab for sustainable innovations. The Co Creation Centre (CCC) will be their new meeting center (13.5…

  • HydroSKIN

    Building envelopes cover a considerable part of the urban exterior surfaces, and to therefore have a significant leverage effect on the climate

  • City Development and Cladding Design featured image

    City Development and Cladding Design

    <p>High-rise buildings in growing cities could become more vulnerable to variations in wind flow due to the continuous changes in urban topology. The…

  • Rethinking Building Skins

    Building skins play a pivotal role in architecture. Other than the aesthetical and architectural aspects, facades are key to the climate performance,

  • Advances in Laminated Glass Engineering

    <p>The stability of monolithic glass fins is reasonably well defined; as an elastic material it behaves in a similar manner to other elastic…

  • Form Follows Well-Being

    Recent planning recognizes a growing demand for buildings that provide higher levels of occupant well-being. Often, well-being in buildings is

  • Inside the Box

    The trend towards modular and unitized facades continues to grow in popularity due largely in part to the efficiencies gained in terms of cost and

  • Green Wall Rainscreen featured image

    Green Wall Rainscreen

    <p>Green Wall applications are growing in popularity around the world. Often thought of as a decorative element they provide much more than aesthetic…

  • Mixed Reality in Facade Education featured image

    Mixed Reality in Facade Education

    <p>Developments in performative computational analysis, mass customization, and complex form manipulation revolutionized building envelope design…

  • Integrating Structure and Cladding

    The project represents a successful integration of a glass facade with the primary structure of the building. The choice of the building material is

  • Infinite Panel System featured image

    Infinite Panel System

    <p>Today, building facades are expected to do much more than merely provide shelter, which is driving the need for higher performing envelope…

  • Nested Density

    Projecting imagery onto building facades is not only becoming a marketing necessity for successful urban spectacles but is also altering social urban

  • The Evolution of AEC Professional Silos

    Healthcare projects in northern California require specialized knowledge to navigate regulation, technological advancements, and project execution

  • Direct Sun and Occupant Comfort

    Direct sun on the body is a known potential cause of thermal discomfort for occupants, yet most thermal comfort simulations do not capture its

  • Digital Medium, Tangible Message featured image

    Digital Medium, Tangible Message

    <p>The reaches of architecture are inherently linked to the efficacy of communication, and as emerging technology broadens the conceptual horizon of…

  • Kinetics in Building Facades

    The prominence of climatically responsive building facades through the use of kinetics has proliferated in recent years due to a concern for the