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  • The Performative Double-Skin featured image

    The Performative Double-Skin

    <p>Double-Skin Facades (DSF) are well-known to boost the thermal performance of a façade: they can provide extra insulation in the wintertime and…

  • ETFE Membrane Envelope Strategies featured image

    ETFE Membrane Envelope Strategies

    <p>Airflow within the cavity of double-skin facades is a key component of adaptive building envelopes which change thermophysical properties to meet…

  • Shade and Spectacle

    This paper will look at the different facades of the Elysian Fields apartment building designed by Warren Techentin Architecture [WTARCH] and

  • Shaping Skin

    The conventional modern facade is essentially flat, which creates the tendency toward visual monotony and problems for modulating daylight—both on

  • Optimized Adaptive Re-Use

    Contemporary building practice represents a disconnect between traditional manufacturing techniques, that favor straight runs and orthogonal

  • Translation from Concept to Construction

    Fidelity between the built enclosure and early visualizations is rarely, if ever, an accident. When achieved, it comes as the result of persistent

  • Carbon-Dioxide-Inhaling Facade

    3.5 billion years ago, cyanobacteria created the foundation for life on Earth by producing the oxygen basis for our atmosphere. Should we once again

  • Hydroformed Shading

    New approaches to lightweight metal forming have the potential to advance architectural fabrication, particularly in the design and engineering of

  • The Versatile Envelope Garden

    Facades play an integral role in defining the experience of modern life. As rising populations gravitate from rural to urban communities, they bring

  • Thermal Performance of Closed Cavity Facades

    Closed cavity facades (CCF), a configuration of Double Skin Facade (DSF), consists of a double-glazed unit on the inner layer and single glazing on

  • The Double Skin Facade

    The largest source of air pollution in North America is the atmospheric boundary layer of a city caused by its urban canyons with pollutants produced

  • Thinking About Facades

    There have been three decades of liberating developments in the application of descriptive geometry and freeform design methods, as well as the

  • The Thermal Blanket Concept featured image

    The Thermal Blanket Concept

    <p>This paper tells the story of a Double Skin Facade (DSF), where high performance and multi-disciplinary collaboration saves a library concept of…

  • Separating Direct From Diffuse

    An Enclosure-Integrated, Daylighting, Tracking Solar Collector (EIDTSC) has been developed for market which integrates into a building’s fenestration

  • A Compact, Unitized Double Skin Facade

    Driven by an increasing demand for high thermal and acoustic performance, transparency, and low maintenance costs, a number of facade innovations