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  • Insulating Glass Unit Gas Loss

    <p>Concerns over time-dependent argon permeation through the perimeter edge seals of insulating glass units (IGUs) led the authors to utilize two…

  • Spandrel Glass Design featured image

    Spandrel Glass Design

    <p>Currently, most spandrel glass in commercial curtain walls comprises insulating glass fabricated using an interior heat strengthened glass lite…

  • City Development and Cladding Design featured image

    City Development and Cladding Design

    <p>High-rise buildings in growing cities could become more vulnerable to variations in wind flow due to the continuous changes in urban topology. The…

  • Addressing Embodied Carbon

    Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the building sector is critical to limiting global temperature rise to less than 1.5⁰C. Construction and

  • Steel As A Curtain Wall Framing Material featured image

    Steel As A Curtain Wall Framing Material

    <p>This paper will explore steel forming methods other than cold drawn or hot rolled processes, and how they allow steel to be utilized as the…

  • Detailing For Distance featured image

    Detailing For Distance

    <p>Quickly exceeding new facade service life expectations for tall buildings imposed by increasing environmental, economic, and social pressures have…

  • Blast Performance of TSSA

    Architectural preferences for commercial building continue towards increased transparency resulting in large lites of glass with minimal visual

  • Specifying Commercial Aluminum Finishes

    Many factors will influence coating selection, but to achieve the desired performance level for a given situation, coatings must be specified based

  • Thermal Analysis of Complex Glazing

    The use of bidirectional scattering distribution function incorporated in a transient systems simulation program, allows engineers to accurately

  • Fire Safety in High Rise Exterior Facades

    One of the most complex yet least understood areas where fire can spread is at the perimeter of a building. Fire can not only spread from

  • Curved Forming Panel Facades featured image

    Curved Forming Panel Facades

    <p>The performative and visual aspects of curved forming/bending thin “formable” planar materials is explored. Early tests for deflection indicate…

  • Glass Strength Under Point Loading

    Structural glass is used in a range of building applications, and while the ASTM E1300 has recently been updated to provide a design method to

  • Adaptive Facades featured image

    Adaptive Facades

    <p>Facade engineering aims at appropriately balancing the demands imposed by the context and the capabilities inherent to the materials, the…