Facade Tectonics Forum: NYC

Pandemic Pantry: Digesting Covid-19 and Understanding the Lessons for Buildings and Facade Systems

Resilience at the multiple scales of facade system, building and urban habitat is being compromised by escalating threats ranging from pandemics to the climate crisis. The experiences of Covid-19 have opened new windows on assessing resilience at these various scales. Resilience cannot be measured solely in terms of recovery from the immediate shocks of natural or manmade disasters—an earthquake plays out in seconds—but must also anticipate the effects of long term stresses resulting from events like a pandemic that, as with social and technological change themselves, play out over months and years. This FTI Forum probes causal forces that strip resilience and leave systems vulnerable to pandemic-type events. Strategies are explored to anticipate and mitigate these vulnerabilities, thereby enhancing the resilience of urban environments. The focus is on New York City, but the lessons are relevant to cities globally. Join us in this dialogue as we investigate what strategies are working and how to effectively integrate them in a building project.

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Thursday, November 5

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