Roberto Bicchiarelli

Business Development Manager - Lead Concept Designer at Permasteelisa Group


Roberto graduated from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” with a degree in Architecture. During his studies, he worked for one of Permasteelisa Group’s Italian companies, ultimately in 1991 becoming a Director and a Partner in that business. In 1998, Roberto was asked to join the US operations to contribute as a liaison between the Permasteelisa Group companies and the new American based office overseeing the Sales and Estimating Division with respect to cladding and curtain-wall for monumental buildings.

In 2008 Roberto became General Manager and Sr. Vice President to Permasteelisa North America’s Miami-based office. In addition to his General Manager duties, he continues to oversee Sales and Estimating concentrating on the Southern US and Central and South American Markets, while still maintaining a close relation with many of his former projects.

From early 2017 Roberto covered the role of Lead Concept Designer and from June 2018 also the role of Business Development Manager of the East Coast.

Currently he is working for Gartner North America, a division of Permasteelisa North America, with the role of Business Development Manager and Lead Concept Designer for the USA.