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  • Advanced Simulation for Thermal Stress Assessment

    In recent years, the desire for increased performance, transparency and visual flatness of glazing elements in curtain walls has generated renewed

  • Impact Of Thermal Bridges On The Energy Response Of A Building

    The European building stock is mainly constituted by highly energy demanding buildings. The only way to a more sustainable and decarbonized building

  • Iconic Buildings

    The iconic building principal incentive is to be visually attractive or stand out, for this purpose three main features must be accomplished: have a

  • Sustainable Façades

    Transposing innovation from government funded research to commercially viable solutions becomes ever more important when combined with the urgent

  • Facade Resilience Evaluation Framework

    Resiliency is the capacity of a building (or building component in the case of the facade) to support building functionalities during extreme events

  • Envelope For Service

    Envelope-for-Service (E4S) is a novel business model developed with the aim of converting the building façade from a traditionally traded good to a

  • ACT Facade featured image

    ACT Facade

    <p>Due to material and technological advancement during the last century, transparency has become a prominent trend in contemporary architecture.…

  • All-Glass Bearing Facades featured image

    All-Glass Bearing Facades

    <p>The Green Village at the TU Delft is a living lab for sustainable innovations. The Co Creation Centre (CCC) will be their new meeting center (13.5…

  • Printed Facades?

    While additive manufacturing (AM) offers unprecedented freedom of design and a remarkable potential for material efficiency and lightweight

  • Embodied Carbon Of Timber Unitized Curtain Wall

    The building envelope is at the intersection of embodied and operational emissions. Curtain wall specifically could play an important role in

  • Go Big or Go Home! featured image

    Go Big or Go Home!

    <p>This paper will focus on the design and detailing of large-format glass enclosures intended to maximize transparency using state-of-the-art…

  • Green Façade/Roofs Design Tool featured image

    Green Façade/Roofs Design Tool

    <p>Climate change and related thermal issues, draw attention to the impact of green facades and roofs on energy savings and thermal comfort. Besides,…

  • A Burning Question Revisited

    In recent decades the use of unitized glazing systems has become increasingly common especially for high-rise construction. The opaque panels in

  • Environmental Facade Perspective

    Designing a sustainable rainscreen wall assembly has become an essential part of most new construction projects. Industry principles and energy codes

  • Facade Maintenance Access

    Facades are an architectural feature and an integral part of the building enclosure. To ensure that the facades continue their function, they must be

  • Smart Colored Window Technology

    Traditional architecture can be a valuable source of inspiration for designers. Sustainable design concepts in traditional architecture have been