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  • Systems Thinking

    This paper surveys facade design education in accredited Bachelor and Master of Architecture (B.Arch and M.Arch) programs in the United States. A

  • Facade Technology in Educational Methodology

    With facades becoming increasingly more complex, and performance a key objective, expertise becomes an important component of successful design

  • The Poetry, Pitfalls and Potential of Kinetic Facades

    The Poetry, Pitfalls and Potential of Kinetic Facades is an ongoing series published by the Advanced Technology Studio of Enclos examining kinetic components in building envelopes — often eye-catching, occasionally gimmicky, and almost always a technical and economic challenge.

  • Teaching Facades

    As facades become more sophisticated and complex, more detail-intensive and performance-critical, it's vital that architecture students develop a

  • Modern Heritage and Facade Improvements

    Approximately 80% of our total building stock is from the 20th century. During the last decades, along with an increasing appreciation of modern

  • The Craft of Building Enclosures

    This paper will provide case studies of two high-performance building envelopes in the San Francisco Bay Area where the fabrication of bespoke façade

  • Contextual Envelopes

    Aesthetic and technical capabilities of facade design have become seemingly endless as building technologies progress. While the capacity to address

  • Printed Facades? featured image

    Printed Facades?

    <p>While additive manufacturing (AM) offers unprecedented freedom of design and a remarkable potential for material efficiency and lightweight…

  • Historical Evolution of Responsive Facades

    Responsive facade system is considered a major component of high-performance building envelope that is capable of responding to environmental stimuli

  • Steel As A Curtain Wall Framing Material

    This paper will explore steel forming methods other than cold drawn or hot rolled processes, and how they allow steel to be utilized as the primary

  • Designing with Photovoltaics featured image

    Designing with Photovoltaics

    <p>Photovoltaics (PV) have been utilized in buildings for decades, especially in Europe where legislative support has largely driven the market. With…

  • From Design to Experiment

    Flat cable-net facades are form-active structures which provide maximum transparency by means of point fixing components, tensioned cables, and

  • Breathing Lessons

    For a new corporate headquarters in San Francisco’s Mission Bay district, SHoP Architects designed a semi-conditioned atrium space inside the

  • Kinetic Solar Envelope

    Kinetic responsive systems are gaining attention in architectural applications, to reduce the building’s energy consumption and environmental impact,