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  • PowerSkin Conference 2022

    The PowerSkin Conference aims to address the role of building skins to accomplish a carbon neutral building stock.

  • Detailing For Distance featured image

    Detailing For Distance

    Quickly exceeding new facade service life expectations for tall buildings imposed by increasing environmental, economic, and social pressures have cr…

  • PowerSKIN Conference

    The next PowerSKIN Conference will be held virtually in Munich on April 9th. The focus of the 2021 conference deals with the question of whether simplicity and robustness are in contradiction to good performance or whether they even complement each other: Simplicity vs. Performance?

  • ICSA 2022

    The International Conference on Structures and Architecture, organised by the International Association of Structures & Architecture, is the world’s leading and largest global conference bridging the gap between Structures and Architecture. For the first time ICSA is to be held in Aalborg, Denmark.

  • Architectural Ceramic Assemblies featured image

    Architectural Ceramic Assemblies

    This paper documents a six year academia/industry collaboration between researchers at the Department of Architecture, University at Buffalo (SUNY) a…

  • Adaptive Facades featured image

    Adaptive Facades

    Facade engineering aims at appropriately balancing the demands imposed by the context and the capabilities inherent to the materials, the geometries …

  • Active and Energy Autonomous Window

    Reducing GHG emissions related to energy use in buildings is a prominent obligation given their impact in terms of climate change. In this light, ene…

  • Mixed Reality in Facade Education featured image

    Mixed Reality in Facade Education

    Developments in performative computational analysis, mass customization, and complex form manipulation revolutionized building envelope design proces…

  • Lithic Revival

    The recently completed Capital One Hall performing arts center located in the Washington DC metro area is defined by a pleated exterior of glass and …

  • European Facade Networks

    The European climate and energy targets for 2020 demand significant improvement of the energy performance of buildings since one third of the end-use…

  • Historical Evolution of Responsive Facades featured image

    Historical Evolution of Responsive Facades

    Responsive facade system is considered a major component of high-performance building envelope that is capable of responding to environmental stimuli…

  • Envelope For Service featured image

    Envelope For Service

    Envelope-for-Service (E4S) is a novel business model developed with the aim of converting the building façade from a traditionally traded good to a c…

  • Design Considerations and the Complex Facade featured image

    Design Considerations and the Complex Facade

    The design of complex, high-performance facades involves balancing attention towards principles of material selection, thermal and moisture protectio…

  • City Development and Cladding Design featured image

    City Development and Cladding Design

    High-rise buildings in growing cities could become more vulnerable to variations in wind flow due to the continuous changes in urban topology. The ae…

  • Thermoelectric Facades

    This article discusses design, prototype development and a simulation study of novel types of facade systems, which integrate thermoelectric (TE) mat…

  • The Future Envelope 13 – Conference on Building Envelopes

    User centred façades | The Future Envelope 13 – Conference on Building Envelopes | During the 13th edition of the annual conference, twelve international speakers from research, industry, management and design will share their experience and visions of the future building envelope.

  • Event Passed

    PLEA 2020 Online

    PLEA stands for “Passive and Low Energy Architecture”, a commitment to the development, documentation and diffusion of the principles of bioclimatic design and the application of natural and innovative techniques for sustainable architecture and urban design.

    Industry Event by Passive and Low Energy Architecture

  • Retroreflective Coating for Window Blinds

    Solar shading devices are required to find a trade-off between conflicting requirements: Protection from excessive solar gains and glare, daylight pr…