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  • building HEALTHY building(s)

    Healthy buildings were explored in a recent conference in Germany. Hosted by Schuco International, participants from 18 universities, representatives from research institutes, and political and business leaders shared a spirited 2-day exchange of ideas.

  • MODESTEhouseTEST: August 7-17, 2017

    A design-build class at the University of Louisiana explores the territory of the “tiny-house.” Professor Geoff Gjertson describes the 216 square foot MODESTEhouse and shares his personal experience of living small.

  • Enhancing an Icon: 71 Above at the US Bank Tower

    The 71Above restaurant on the 71st floor of the U.S. Bank Tower features 192 electrochromic windows installed by Giroux Glass, Inc. Explore the sensory experience made possible by glazing choices and why we’re apt to see more tech-driven smart window installations in the future.