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  • Green Façade/Roofs Design Tool

    Climate change and related thermal issues, draw attention to the impact of green facades and roofs on energy savings and thermal comfort. Besides, by

  • HydroSKIN

    Building envelopes cover a considerable part of the urban exterior surfaces, and to therefore have a significant leverage effect on the climate

  • City Development and Cladding Design featured image

    City Development and Cladding Design

    <p>High-rise buildings in growing cities could become more vulnerable to variations in wind flow due to the continuous changes in urban topology. The…

  • Bringing an Icon Into the Future: Willis Tower featured image

    Bringing an Icon Into the Future: Willis Tower

    <p>Few buildings are as iconic as Willis Tower. Generations of Chicagoans have a collective memory of this building playing a role in their entire…

  • Developments in Gridshell Design featured image

    Developments in Gridshell Design

    <p>In 1959 Heinz Isler challenged the world of concrete shell design by proposing a series of shapes for shells that were very different from what…

  • Build Test Iterate Repeat

    The global increase in atmospheric temperature rise combined with the rapid growth of previously underdeveloped climate zones presents a growing need

  • Reinforced Polymer Concrete Screen Walls featured image

    Reinforced Polymer Concrete Screen Walls

    <p>Apertures is a six-story, commercial building in the Roma Norte neighborhood of Mexico City–a neighborhood severely impacted by the 1985 and 2017…

  • Nested Density featured image

    Nested Density

    <p>Projecting imagery onto building facades is not only becoming a marketing necessity for successful urban spectacles but is also altering social…

  • Carbon-Dioxide-Inhaling Facade featured image

    Carbon-Dioxide-Inhaling Facade

    <p>3.5 billion years ago, cyanobacteria created the foundation for life on Earth by producing the oxygen basis for our atmosphere. Should we once…

  • The Versatile Envelope Garden featured image

    The Versatile Envelope Garden

    <p>Facades play an integral role in defining the experience of modern life. As rising populations gravitate from rural to urban communities, they…

  • The Double Skin Facade featured image

    The Double Skin Facade

    <p>The largest source of air pollution in North America is the atmospheric boundary layer of a city caused by its urban canyons with pollutants…

  • Contextual Envelopes featured image

    Contextual Envelopes

    <p>Aesthetic and technical capabilities of facade design have become seemingly endless as building technologies progress. While the capacity to…

  • EUI of Building Clusters featured image

    EUI of Building Clusters

    <p>Large master planned developments such as Battery Park City in Manhattan, Mission Bay in San Francisco, and Playa Vista in Los Angeles were built…