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  • All-Glass Bearing Facades featured image

    All-Glass Bearing Facades

    <p>The Green Village at the TU Delft is a living lab for sustainable innovations. The Co Creation Centre (CCC) will be their new meeting center (13.5…

  • HydroSKIN

    Building envelopes cover a considerable part of the urban exterior surfaces, and to therefore have a significant leverage effect on the climate

  • Modeling Megapanels

    Large format, steel-stud framed “megapanel” facades with rainscreen cladding create uniquely complicated requirements for digital documentation and

  • Contextualizing Glass and Carbon Impacts

    Climate change goals will require significant improvements in the way buildings are constructed and operated. Building reuse can combat climate

  • Novel Thermal Break Solution

    Thermal-break-blanket technology is a novel and high-performance thermal break solution for aluminum curtain walls. The thermal-break-blanket is

  • Green Wall Rainscreen

    Green Wall applications are growing in popularity around the world. Often thought of as a decorative element they provide much more than aesthetic

  • The Tectonics of Flimsiness

    Architecture has traditionally celebrated the joining of two building components or materials. Joinery serves as a key site for architectural

  • Facade with Innovation featured image

    Facade with Innovation

    <p>Shanshui City and Star Bund Center can be considered as representative projects of RFR Shanghai recently Both provide creative solutions for…

  • Stainless Steel 101

    This paper presents a summary of the industry advances beyond T304 and T316 austenitic stainless steels. The greater availability of precipitation

  • Controlling Anisotropy in Heat Treated Glass

    Anisotropy is also known as Brewster marks, quench marks, strain pattern, leopard spots, Iridescence, etc. Although anisotropy is inevitable when

  • Curved Forming Panel Facades

    The performative and visual aspects of curved forming/bending thin “formable” planar materials is explored. Early tests for deflection indicate that