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  • Go Big or Go Home! featured image

    Go Big or Go Home!

    <p>This paper will focus on the design and detailing of large-format glass enclosures intended to maximize transparency using state-of-the-art…

  • Environmental Facade Perspective

    Designing a sustainable rainscreen wall assembly has become an essential part of most new construction projects. Industry principles and energy codes

  • Catalytic Conversion featured image

    Catalytic Conversion

    <p>Nowadays, the power of images is seductive. Bold and complex facades often have an innovative appearance but superficial tectonic depth;…

  • Facade Technology in Educational Methodology

    With facades becoming increasingly more complex, and performance a key objective, expertise becomes an important component of successful design

  • Parametric Louver System

    The Parametric Louver System is a customized tool that expedites several design iterations while embedding multiple design parameters. The ambition

  • International Facade Education featured image

    International Facade Education

    <p>Globalization in the construction industry has brought about new demands for buildings and construction projects, new demands that still need to…