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  • Facade Maintenance Access

    Facades are an architectural feature and an integral part of the building enclosure. To ensure that the facades continue their function, they must be

  • Addressing Embodied Carbon

    Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the building sector is critical to limiting global temperature rise to less than 1.5⁰C. Construction and

  • Process of Repair Evaluation

    As the building stock ages around the country and the consequences of design and/or construction that are deficient or lack resiliency become

  • Rammed Earth & Wildfire

    California is set to be drier and more drought prone with climate change. Wildfire and the subsequent loss of life and housing is a huge challenge.

  • Detailing For Distance

    Quickly exceeding new facade service life expectations for tall buildings imposed by increasing environmental, economic, and social pressures have

  • Designing with Photovoltaics

    Photovoltaics (PV) have been utilized in buildings for decades, especially in Europe where legislative support has largely driven the market. With

  • Growing Myceliated Facades

    Today's sustainability in architecture takes into consideration the complete life cycle of buildings and their components, from resource harvesting

  • Sustainable Silicone

    Silicone materials have a long history in high performance building projects. Known for durability, they can reduce a building’s carbon footprint by

  • Thermal Performance of Closed Cavity Facades

    Closed cavity facades (CCF), a configuration of Double Skin Facade (DSF), consists of a double-glazed unit on the inner layer and single glazing on

  • In Factory Commissioning

    Factory inspection visits are vital, yet they unfortunately have a habit of being overlooked. The factory inspection process during the Building

  • Hydrophobic Stainless Steel Surfaces featured image

    Hydrophobic Stainless Steel Surfaces

    <p>There is no doubting the longevity of stainless steel building facades. The Chrysler Building and numerous buildings that followed have stood the…

  • Specifying Commercial Aluminum Finishes

    Many factors will influence coating selection, but to achieve the desired performance level for a given situation, coatings must be specified based

  • Challenges of Tall Iconic Building Retrofit

    Change happens, for better or for worse, to all living and physical matter. In order to thrive and achieve longevity, we constantly need to adapt to

  • Design Considerations

    Window glass design using ASTM E 1300 entails determining glass thickness(es) and types so that the window glass construction load resistance