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  • Net Zero Tower

    John Neary describes a collaborative Advanced design Studio at City Tech that involved Permasteelisa, Skanska and Onyx Solar, with links to the published student works.

  • Imagining Future Innovative Facades

    This workshop will focus on innovations in facade systems, particularly addressing materials, technologies, and innovative design methods.

  • Virtual World Congress? Bah, humbug!

    I’ve heard a little of this from some people and it bugs me! We are going to have the best World Congress event in the history of mankind! The prospect of taking FTI’s signature World Congress event to a digital platform is nothing but opportunity for the Institute. Let me tell you why

  • Explore the top papers from the 2020 World Congress!

    Each week leading up to the 2020 World Congress, we will announce one of the four winning authors, selected from the 118 papers to be presented at the virtual event, and releasing an interview with them on our SKINS Podcast.

  • Seismic Movements featured image

    Seismic Movements

    A common building upgrade to add value to existing commercial real estate is the renewal of the entrance lobby. The lobby façade is replaced to give …

  • Retrofit Options for Historic Facades featured image

    Retrofit Options for Historic Facades

    Building design criteria requires that government buildings be designed for a variety of extreme loads including blast, hurricane, and impact conditi…

  • Renewing Two Saarinen Icons featured image

    Renewing Two Saarinen Icons

    Kresge Auditorium and the MIT Chapel, designed by Eero Saarinen and built in 1955, are both world renowned works of architecture and powerful symbols…

  • Why SKINS?

    Here’s the thing about the building SKIN: It is utterly unique in the built environment in separating the interior and exterior environments, balancing attributes of both appearance and performance in the process. It’s the gateway to resilience and sustainability goals in urban habitats.

  • Parametric Facade Design featured image

    Parametric Facade Design

    Parametric Design has become an invaluable tool for complex tasks like designing energy efficient buildings when joined to performance-based methodol…

  • Origami-Inspired Facade Design

    To paraphrase Robert le Ricolias, the art of the structure is where to put the folds. Using that inspiration, fundamental concepts from origami, topo…

  • Orbit Tower

    While most of high-rise buildings feature a core surrounded by a spatial frame defining the volume, one could envision a column-free plan where the p…

  • Optimized Green Wall featured image

    Optimized Green Wall

    A Catmull-Clark algorithm (used in 3D computer graphics for smoothing polygon surfaces) was used to create a unique design for an over 208ft by 30ft …

  • Novel Techniques for Facade Optimization featured image

    Novel Techniques for Facade Optimization

    Complex freeform architectural enclosures are becoming increasingly popular and easy to model and design with the help of modern computational tools.…