Florian Doebbel

Business Development Manager, Facades at Sika


Florian Doebbel is a Business Development Manager for Sika Corporation located in Lakewood, NJ. His current role has a focus on support of key facade projects, relationship management with stakeholders of the AECO industry as well as knowledge transfer and extension of product lines within Sika’s Vertical Glass group. He has 15+ years of experience in the industry, including engineering and consulting positions in Europe and North America. He has been a key resource for advanced design of building facade elements and is highly skilled in the area of structural glass and sealants. He is a Graduate of the Technical University Dresden (DE), Structural Engineering.

Florian also authored several research papers on structural sealants and architectural glass, which have been presented at venues such as Facade Tectonics, GlassCon, Challenging Glass and GPD.