Douglas Noble

Professor at University of Southern California


Douglas Noble is a Professor at the University of Southern California School of Architecture. His research interests are in four overlapping arenas: BUILDING SCIENCE AND FACADE TECTONICS Noble is a co-founder of the Facade Tectonics Institute, established in 2007 as a university-based research and education organization hosting conferences and publishing research focusing on building facade technology. Noble obtained a Graham Foundation Grant in 2011 for research about the Samuel and Harriet Freeman House in Hollywood, California. COMPUTING IN ARCHITECTURE He founded the CLIPPER Lab at USC with Karen M. Kensek in 1991 to support research about computers in architecture and design. With Kensek, he conducted early computer-based architecture design studio experiments. Noble was elected president of the Association for Computer-Aided Design In Architecture ACADIA in 1998. EDUCATION IN ARCHITECTURE Noble and Kensek created the "NotLY: Not Licensed Yet" support system for individuals preparing for the Architect Registration Exam (ARE). Noble is passionate about supporting emerging professionals and academics. He is dedicated to collaboration and typically co-authors research papers and books with other students and faculty. Noble founded the Ph.D. program at USC Architecture, and he has published articles and organized symposia on doctoral education in architecture. DESIGN THEORY Noble is a graduate of the doctoral program in Design Theories and Methods (DTM) in the Department of Architecture at the University of California at Berkeley. He incorporates design theory education into his studios and seminars.