While most of the green building dialog focuses on new construction, many have recognized that the fastest and most effective way to improve energy efficiency of the building sector is by remedying our existing building stock. Unfortunately, building energy renovations frequently exclude the facade system because of the expense and disruption characteristic of facade retrofit. How to implement building facade retrofits in a manner consistent with sustainable development goals remains largely uncertain.

Enter is intended as an online resource for the AEC community, from architects to academic researchers. At the heart of this resource is a database of large commercial and multifamily buildings that have, or are currently undergoing, building facade retrofits. This catalog will be used to develop in-depth case studies of precedent projects.

This project database will be used to establish taxonomy for building facade retrofits, considering classification, scope, scale of intervention, and other important factors. This information will be used to identify drivers of building facade retrofits (component and/or system failure, energy performance, aesthetics, etc.) and disseminate findings in industry papers and journal articles.

Data will be gathered from an open submission process facilitated by the website. These submissions will then be reviewed for accuracy and completeness, and ultimately posted to the database as appropriate. Researchers from the University of Southern California School of Architecture will provide the review and gather additional information as required. They will also develop some of these projects into detailed case studies that will provide added depth to this web resource. The database will be available to anyone accessing the website.

Lastly, will catalog pre and post building facade retrofit analysis, including energy performance, indoor environmental quality (IEQ), building occupancy, and more.

With your help, will close this important gap in sustainable development by providing readily accessible building facade retrofit data and related resources to guide deep energy retrofits from concept to built realities.

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