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  • Explore the top papers from the 2020 World Congress

    Each week leading up to the 2020 World Congress, we will announce one of the four winning authors, selected from the 118 papers to be presented at the virtual event, and releasing an interview with them on our SKINS Podcast.

  • CTBUH 2021 Tall + Urban Innovation Conference

    This conference explores and celebrates the very best in innovative tall buildings, urban spaces, building technologies, and construction practices from around the world. Incorporating what was previously known as the CTBUH Annual Awards Event, this conference will see the owner/developers and...


    The ANFA Conference will explore, from a scientific basis, the range of human experiences that occur in context with elements of architecture, both exterior and interior.

  • Architectural Shape Optimization featured image

    Architectural Shape Optimization

    This paper explores the architectural shape optimization of typical housing typologies: slab and high-rise residential buildings to reduce primary en…

  • building HEALTHY building(s)

    Healthy buildings were explored in a recent conference in Germany. Hosted by Schuco International, participants from 18 universities, representatives from research institutes, and political and business leaders shared a spirited 2-day exchange of ideas.

  • Pioneering the Structural Terracotta Mullion Façade featured image

    Pioneering the Structural Terracotta Mullion Façade

    Architects today must explore alternative enclosure materials to meet evolving energy codes and embodied carbon regulations. Terra cotta has been mos…

  • Steel As A Curtain Wall Framing Material featured image

    Steel As A Curtain Wall Framing Material

    This paper will explore steel forming methods other than cold drawn or hot rolled processes, and how they allow steel to be utilized as the primary f…

  • MODESTEhouseTEST: August 7-17, 2017

    A design-build class at the University of Louisiana explores the territory of the “tiny-house.” Professor Geoff Gjertson describes the 216 square foot MODESTEhouse and shares his personal experience of living small.

  • Tectonism and Responsible Urban Futures

    We at Zaha Hadid Architects Computation and Design group (ZHACODE) explore the relevance of this resource-effective, experience-rich design and construction paradigm to both large institutional projects with complex geometry and mass-customisation, repeated unit projects with assembly complexities.

  • Reconfigurable Terracotta Facades

    This study, completed by an interdisciplinary team from the University of Buffalo and Alfred University explores a thermal mass application using terracotta blocks that can be reconfigured for different seasons.

  • Curved Forming Panel Facades featured image

    Curved Forming Panel Facades

    The performative and visual aspects of curved forming/bending thin “formable” planar materials is explored. Early tests for deflection indicate that …

  • Smart Colored Window Technology featured image

    Smart Colored Window Technology

    Traditional architecture can be a valuable source of inspiration for designers. Sustainable design concepts in traditional architecture have been exp…

  • Fire Safety and Code Challenges for Mass Timber in Curtain Wall Systems featured image

    Fire Safety and Code Challenges for Mass Timber in Curtain Wall Systems

    With the desire for more sustainable construction and reduced embodied energy, mass timber is being explored for building structures. For medium and …

  • Episode 08: Reglazing Modernism

    Special guests Uta Pottgiesser of TU Delft and Angel Ayón of AYON Studio Architecture and Preservation discuss their recent book, Reglazing Modernism, where they explore facade intervention strategies on Modern-era buildings through international case studies.

  • Kinetic Solar Envelope featured image

    Kinetic Solar Envelope

    Kinetic responsive systems are gaining attention in architectural applications, to reduce the building’s energy consumption and environmental impact,…