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  • Episode 08: Reglazing Modernism

    Special guests Uta Pottgiesser of TU Delft and Angel Ayón of AYON Studio Architecture and Preservation discuss their recent book, Reglazing Modernism, where they explore facade intervention strategies on Modern-era buildings through international case studies.

  • Facade Design + Construction in the Southeast

    The American Southeast is home to a thriving architecture and engineering industry; shaping one of the fastest growing regions in the country. The online conference, co-chaired by Perkins&Will, will highlight exemplary case studies and emerging trends across the region.

  • Enhancing an Icon: 71 Above at the US Bank Tower

    The 71Above restaurant on the 71st floor of the U.S. Bank Tower features 192 electrochromic windows installed by Giroux Glass, Inc. Explore the sensory experience made possible by glazing choices and why we’re apt to see more tech-driven smart window installations in the future.

  • Facade Expansion Joint Systems featured image

    Facade Expansion Joint Systems

    As awareness around the seismic performance of buildings grows, it is becoming increasingly necessary to integrate seismic expansion joint cover syst…

  • Contextual Envelopes featured image

    Contextual Envelopes

    Aesthetic and technical capabilities of facade design have become seemingly endless as building technologies progress. While the capacity to address …

  • Developments in Gridshell Design featured image

    Developments in Gridshell Design

    In 1959 Heinz Isler challenged the world of concrete shell design by proposing a series of shapes for shells that were very different from what most …

  • Steel As A Curtain Wall Framing Material featured image

    Steel As A Curtain Wall Framing Material

    This paper will explore steel forming methods other than cold drawn or hot rolled processes, and how they allow steel to be utilized as the primary f…

  • Managing Solar Reflections from the Building Envelope featured image

    Managing Solar Reflections from the Building Envelope

    Understanding how a building will reflect sunlight has gone from a rare requirement to a key consideration during the planning permission process in …

  • Edge Lighting Glazing with Hidden Fixtures featured image

    Edge Lighting Glazing with Hidden Fixtures

    Dynamic architectural lighting in urban areas is a key element in creating attractive nighttime icons in addition to potentially generating advertise…

  • High-Performance Building Facades

    For architects, designers, engineers, manufacturers, consultants, and owners' representatives interested in methods for designing high-performance facades.

  • Unitized Curtain Wall featured image

    Unitized Curtain Wall

    Unitized curtain wall has become ubiquitous in contemporary facade design and construction due to advantages associated with speed of erection, lower…

  • Seismic Movements

    A common building upgrade to add value to existing commercial real estate is the renewal of the entrance lobby. The lobby facade is replaced to give …

  • Systems Thinking featured image

    Systems Thinking

    This paper surveys facade design education in accredited Bachelor and Master of Architecture (B.Arch and M.Arch) programs in the United States. A rev…

  • Passive House Facade Design and Construction featured image

    Passive House Facade Design and Construction

    Buildings account for over 40% of global emissions (GlobalABC, 2018). Growing populations and higher standards of living are increasing pressure on t…

  • Ceramic Precast Composite Panels featured image

    Ceramic Precast Composite Panels

    An innovative lightweight ceramic precast composite panel is introduced in this paper that offers the unique benefits of prefabricated off-site const…

  • Thinking About Facades featured image

    Thinking About Facades

    There have been three decades of liberating developments in the application of descriptive geometry and freeform design methods, as well as the abili…

  • Designing with Photovoltaics

    Photovoltaics (PV) have been utilized in buildings for decades, especially in Europe where legislative support has largely driven the market. With ne…

  • Thermal Analysis of Complex Glazing featured image

    Thermal Analysis of Complex Glazing

    The use of bidirectional scattering distribution function incorporated in a transient systems simulation program, allows engineers to accurately dete…