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  • Facade Resilience Evaluation Framework featured image

    Facade Resilience Evaluation Framework

    <p>Resiliency is the capacity of a building (or building component in the case of the facade) to support building functionalities during extreme…

  • HydroSKIN

    Building envelopes cover a considerable part of the urban exterior surfaces, and to therefore have a significant leverage effect on the climate

  • Form Follows Well-Being featured image

    Form Follows Well-Being

    <p>Recent planning recognizes a growing demand for buildings that provide higher levels of occupant well-being. Often, well-being in buildings is…

  • Kinetic Solar Envelope

    Kinetic responsive systems are gaining attention in architectural applications, to reduce the building’s energy consumption and environmental impact,

  • Execution Ways

    Business Insider has described San Francisco’s Chase Arena as setting “a new standard for a sports arena in the US”, and “the state-of-the-art arena

  • Saving Face

    In 1871, a fourth level Architecture course was offered in New York City that instructed on topics such as heating, ventilation and circulation of

  • Terra Cotta Skins

    This paper will address the potential of ornamental architectural terracotta surfaces to mitigate the effects of climate fluctuations that will

  • The Versatile Envelope Garden

    Facades play an integral role in defining the experience of modern life. As rising populations gravitate from rural to urban communities, they bring

  • Terracotta 1912 to 2018

    Center Three is a 100-year-old, one million square-foot building in Long Island City, New York that was constructed over the course of one year. It

  • Heat-actuated Auxetic Facades

    Highly transformable materials can be used as adaptive exterior shading systems by leveraging the relationship between external stimuli (heat) and

  • Adaptable Glazing Shields

    Today, about 40% of all buildings in the U.S. still have single-pane windows, and ~70% of the existing building stock is estimated to suffer from