Yi-Hsiu Yeh

Senior Associate at Verse Design LA


Yi-Hsiu Yeh was born in Taipei. She has been a California Licensed Architect for 17 years and currently a Senior Associate at Verse Design LA. She founded Yeh Design Lab to bridge architecture & fashion to explore the roles of small-scale wearable objects as message carrying media and their relations with the human body. Yeh is interested in combining advanced technology and traditional fabrication as a means to unconventional transformations of materials. Her design of wearable objects strives to provoke culturally poignant questions through the employment of unconventional details, the play between optical illusion and realization, and the exploration of accessories and footwear as framing devices for the human body. For 10 years, she was an adjunct faculty at Woodbury University where she taught Foundation Studios, Advanced Object Making, Steel & Long Span Competitions, Tectonics, Undergrad Thesis and upper-level studios for both graduate and undergrad programs. Yeh received the First Interior Design Magazine Furniture Award in year 2000. Her event-based installation has been published as the “Project of the Year” and the cover story of Egg Design Magazine’s 2004 Chinese New Year Issue. In 2006, Yeh was commissioned to design a convention booth for the relaunched issue, titled “Reuse”, of the Architecture Magazine at the National AIA Convention, where she utilized the freeway guardrails donated by CalTrans. The work she did for Eric Owen Moss Architects has been exhibited in the Museum of Contemporary Art in years 2001 and 2013. She has participated in numerous group exhibits. Her installation, Kinetic Bloom, was featured at the Architecture+Design Museum, in 2012. For the “Sizif” shoe, she was commissioned to design the company’s first collection, which went into production 2015.