Thomas Spiegelhalter

Principal at Florida International University College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts


Spiegelhalter is a professor, registered architect, engineer, town planner and principal of “Thomas Spiegelhalter Studio + Associates” since 1990. He has realized research demonstration work in Europe, Asia, North, Central and South America, in numerous contextual solar, carbon-neutral, near zero-fossil-energy, passive and low-energy building realizations projects; large-scale sustainability master planning, realizations and consultancies, redevelopment projects for abandoned post-industrial architectures and landscapes, engineered suspension bridges, sustainable retrofit and revitalization projects.

Many of his completed projects have been published in International anthologies of European and American Architecture such in “Contemporary European Architects, Volume V,” 1997, Building a New Millennium 1999-2000″, both Benedict Taschen Publisher, in “Solar Architecture for Europe, Publisher Birkhäuser, 1996, in “The Architectural Review, on Ecology and Architecture,” in 1998, in “Architectural Record- “DESIGN VANGUARD AWARD 2003 or in the monograph “Adaptable Technologies – Le tecnologie adattabili nelle architetture di Thomas Spiegelhalter” by Franco Angeli Publisher, Rome, in 2008, and hundreds of book chapters, journals and research papers. Other Publications include “Post-Parametric Automation in Design and Construction” with A. Andia in 2014, and “Agent-Based Modelling in the Built Environment” in 2018 with H. Yi.

Spiegelhalter also co-founded the Miami Dynamo-Rhynamo-BIM-360 group of the Intl. Autodesk User Groups (AUGI) to organize monthly cloud workshops since 2017.
From 1990 on, he has worked with numerous Universities in Germany, the US, UK, Italy, Costa Rica, Brazil, Chile and China to research on multi-disciplinary ecological engineering projects worldwide. As a result of his 28 years of design and built work, professional consulting, awarded research, teaching, Spiegelhalter has received 56 prizes, awards, and honors in European and US sustainability competitions individual and in collaboration with landscape architects, and engineers.

Currently he is a professor, researcher, and the Co-Director of the Structures and Environmental Technologies Lab (SET) at the College of Architecture at Florida International University (FIU) in Miami. He teaches graduate Sustainability and Digital Design Studios, Environmental Systems in Architecture and Carbon-Neutral Building-City-Infrastructure Design courses at FIU and at the Miami Beach Urban Studios (MBUS) in South Beach.