Russell Richman

Toronto Metropolitan University


Russell Richman has been researching and consulting in the combined fileds of building science and sustainable building for over 25 years.

Russell's interest in sustainable building stems from his years in between Master's and Ph.D. degrees, while working as an engineer at Yolles Partnership. During his tenure attending his doctorate at the University of Toronto, Russell had the unique opportunity to study a range of topics comprising building technology, construction and standards. During his doctorate, Russell realized the implication of continuing to construct buildings to using current methods and standards - a failure to the needs of future generations.

As a professor at Toronto Metropolitan University, Russell has grown into a national expert on building science theory, building enclosure design, building enclosure materials and building performance testing.

Russell is a researcher, engineer and consultant. Using his experience in all three areas, Russell has the ability to develop innovative solutions to the complex problems facing society in the future - particularily the building industry. More information is available on Russell's current academic and professional activities in addition to his general interests.