Negar Matin

Assistant professor at University of Oklahoma


Negar Heidari Matin, Ph.D., LEED GA, is an Assistant Professor in Interior Design at the Gibbs College of Architecture at the University of Oklahoma. She holds a Ph.D. in Technology with a concentration on Interior Design from the College of Engineering and Technology at Eastern Michigan University (EMU) where she was selected as a doctoral fellow for five continuous years working on high-performance building systems and their impact on occupants’ comfort and building energy consumption. Her research interest is an interdisciplinary area between interior architecture, building science, and advanced technology. She is the recipient of various awards such as EMU Outstanding Ph.D. Student of the Year, GRC Outstanding Poster Presentation, and Jones-Beckwith Advanced Graduate Studies scholarship. She currently established Human Comfort Design Lab (HCD.Lab) at Gibbs College of Architecture.