Maurya McClintock

McClintock Facade Consulting


Maurya has an extensive depth and breadth of experience of the built environment on 4 continents. She has designed buildings as a structural engineer, as a mechanical engineer, and as a facade engineer. Trained as both an architect and an engineer, Maurya is able to bridge between professions and has therefore been a key success driver for projects that require seamless integration of form and function. After 15 years with Arup, she has recently started her own business providing facade design/engineering and sustainability consulting to Architects, designers and related industry professionals.

Maurya’s proven expertise at delivering an integrated approach to building envelope, mechanical and lighting systems and architectural aesthetic is highly valued by clients and architects both nationally and internationally. Through her years of project experience Maurya has fine-tuned a ‘Holistic-Facade Design and Integrated, Low-energy Building Design’ methodology, using performance simulation to influence early design decision, and gained extensive experience in the nuances of it’s application on a variety of building types. She is regularly asked by academic and professional institutions to participate in advanced research programs, and strategic initiative planning efforts.

Most recently she has been invited by a number of software development organizations to collaborate and advise on the advancement + enhancement of a wide variety of building energy modeling software, specifically for architects; and has been requested to advise the AIA at both the knowledge and leadership committee level as well as serving on some of their recent strategic task force initiatives on the same subject. In addition, she has published, presented, lectured and taught extensively on the subjects of facade engineering, integrated facade design, climate sensitive building envelope design, and integrated engineering systems design for Architects and continues to be invited to guest-lecture and coordinate/develop graduate and undergraduate level university courses on these same topics.