Lisa Heschong

Architect & Author, Visual Delight in Architecture: Daylight, Vision and View


Lisa Heschong is a Fellow of the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES). She was a Founding Principal of the Heschong Mahone Group (HMG) and a licensed architect for 30 years.

At HMG, Heschong led the research team that found a correlation between more daylight and views in classrooms and improved student performance, along with improved office worker performance and retail sales. As Chair of the IES Daylight Metrics Committee, she helped establish a new set of climate-based daylight performance metrics, including sDA and ASE.

Her newest book Visual Delight in Architecture: Daylight, Vision and View (Routledge 2021) explores the importance of daylight and view in our lives. Her first book, Thermal Delight in Architecture, (MIT Press 1979) has been a classic for students of architecture for 40+ years.

Heschong has a Masters of Architecture from MIT, where she was awarded the AIA School Medal. In 2011 she received the Haecker Award for lifetime achievement from the Architectural Research Centers Consortium.