Bryan N. Toton

Chief Executive Officer


Hello, my name is Bryan Toton, I am the Chair of the Student Incubator Committee at FTI. I am the CEO of Gel Formations, LLC, and we are designing and developing energy efficient products, including a novel, monolithic transparent aerogel for energy efficient windows. We are also recycling carbon emissions and food waste to grow economically sustainable algae on landfills utilizing a NASA algal photobioreactor. I work with IIoT Smart Building technologies for optimizing energy efficiency and performance, mitigating carbon emissions, and improving maintenance, operations, and governmental reporting. I have completed my Masters in Engineering Management with a concentration in Facilities Engineering at North Carolina State University. I received certifications in both Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Commercialization at N.C. State University, and am an Envision Sustainability Profession within the Institute of Sustainable Infrastructure. I am also the Founder and President of Eat for Prosperity, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to developing a new era of economic sustainability within our food systems. I plan on developing a food monitoring ecosystem utilizing next generation sequencing, biomedical devices, recycling initiatives, and high performance products to reduce carbon emissions, improve the quality of life, and reduce the economic burden of disease in low-income and access patients.