YKK AP Facade is the head office for the Facade Design and Engineering Division of the YKK AP brand. It aims to improve facade engineering, utilizing green facade technology and sustainability. YKK AP Facade has gained substantial experience in the harsh environment and climate conditions of Japan. This has provided an advantage with regards to enhancing environmental technologies.The accomplishments of both the Research and Development Division, and the Machinery and Engineering Division, of YKK AP Inc. Japan, are a significant asset to YKK AP Facade. These Divisions are continuously launching initiatives and exploring ideas to improve material science and engineering development.YKK AP Facade is manned by a dedicated team of design, engineering and management professionals. The head office, based in Singapore, controls management policy and business development, including design engineering and global procurement. There are three regional offices currently undertaking contracts and operations. These offices are YKK AP Facade Hong Kong Ltd, YKK AP Facade VIETNAM CO. Ltd, and YKK AP SINGAPORE Pte Ltd. These regional offices provide experienced project management and construction personnel assigned to undertake and manage a specific facade projects.